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Spring Term 1 Week 4 - creating fish.

Spring Term 1 - Week 3

Origami club

Origami club is back! Look at our creations this week.

This club is not currently running. 

As it was the last club of the term the children got to make whatever they wanted this week!

Gliders and Jet planes - the jet planes flew but the gliders did tricks, check out the videos!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish - origami fishies!!

As the term comes to an end, our last origami club involved making fabulous spring flowers!

Mothers day cards!

Trees and Foxes (apparently the trees were very difficult but we still think they look fab!)

Spring has sprung at Origami club with their Easter Bunny creations!

Can you spot the hidden swans?

Origami hats!

Birds for our felt bird pods!

Who will be your Valentine?

Sail Boats - Land Ahoy!

Origami club is back in full swing this term!

The fidget family #squad

#Cute pigs!

3D Poppies

Origami club made Remembrance Day Poppies this week. 

Count Dracula and his bats! 

As Halloween fast approaches, origami club are getting spooky with their Dracula and Bat creations!! 

Pigeon Impossible!


Little Fishes! 

Its the 2nd week and just look how amazing these fish are!! frown

Cats & Dogs

Its the first week back of Origami club and it's of to a great start - check out the childrens origami cats and dogs!


Easter Baskets

Mothers' Day Cards

Pin wheels


Checkered Hearts

Paper Swans

Lanterns (Chinese New Year)

Christmas stars

Christmas cards

Sweet boxes

Origami wreath photographs