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Iron Age

iron age

how iron age started and ended

The Iron Age started when the Bronze Age people found out about Iron.


The Bronze Age ended in about the 8th sentry   and then they replaced all Bronze for Iron. (Iron Age wiki)


The Iron Age lasted about 800 years then it was the roman period.( Archaeological periods`)


  • 1200 BC. Iron Age began in the Eastern Mediterranean.
800 BC. Use of iron spreads to Central Europe; first Iron Age hill 
  • forts built in Britain.
  • 400-300 BC. Rotatory quern arrives in Britain.(iron age facts)



Ingredients & Diet

The daily diet for most people in Iron Age Britain was a combination of bread, porridges and stews. Wheat and barley were two of the most common crops grown by Iron Age people. They would have been ground into flour to make bread, using quern stones. Barley and wheat could also be used in porridges and stews. Celtic beans and Fat Hen (small succulent flowering plants ) were also a common part of the diet along with early types of brassicas (probably parsnip). Milk from cows and possibly sheep was available at some times of the year and was probably used to make cheeses.



in iron age they were very good hunters they used spears and weapons made from iron to hunt deers,cows and others