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This year’s Halloween Disco was very

Well populated and these are the

‘Dark Disguises’ competition winners.

RECEPTION – Ava Pearson

YEAR 1- Mason Greaves

YEAR 2- Shayla Delaney

YEAR 3- Grace Glossop

YEAR 4- Isabelle Bailey

YEAR 5- Max Davey

YEAR 6- Kaleb Harper

We would like to thank the friends of Westhouses

For all your organisation to the event.




The school trip was quite a time for Class 3… On Thursday 13th of October, Class 3 travelled to a village called Eyam. Eyam was one of the first places to catch The Plague (if you don’t know, the Plague was a terrible disease that spread across Europe near about the Tudors). The trip was exciting for Class 3 as it involved  seeing the Hancock family graves, climbing down a narrow rocky mountain, visiting Mompesson’s well (some pupils even threw extra change into the well), the museum (that was very educational) and lots of other cool places.

The trek down the mountain seems to be the favourite part for Class 3. The mountain was quite fun for them, because it was a good laugh if someone slipped and screamed like a girl. The mountain edge was a little narrow to start with, but eventually the road widened out. “It was scary for me going along the narrow mountain edge. On one side of me was a barbed wire and the other side was a couple meters drop down to a little river running down alongside the other mountain side,” said an anonymous student while on the trip.

All throughout the trip, Class 3 were sorted into groups. The gift shop at the museum was quite an amusement for Class 3, being everything was ‘So cool!’ in there. Most groups took quite a while to choose what they wanted.

Class 3 learnt lots about the Plague and Eyam during their exciting trip. And (hopefully) they enjoyed it too!

REPORTER: Alyssa Humphreys for WHOP!

Stone Age Workshop October 2016


Mrs. Paish came in on Wednesday 19th October 2016

To teach Class 2   how hard it was to live as a stone age person and taught us how to make arrows, make bracelets, she taught us how to make flour with a grindstone, and she had a box of tools and a big box of sand (there was 6  boxes and 3 in each group). We had to dig up things she had buried and then we had an empty tray and we had to put the things we found in the empty  tray. Mrs. Paish also taught us how to weave and make string from wool.  The first hour we did the excavation and we did a little showcase of what we found. In the second hour we made the bracelets, weaved, made arrows and made flour from wheat and barley seeds on a grindstone.  Everyone had so much fun. Thank you Mrs. Paish


-Luke Milward, The School News Reporter WHOP!