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Healthy eating and dining

Healthy eating and diet in the curriculum

We embed an understanding of healthy eating and diet throughout our curriculum and school culture. 


Little Explorers

'Exploring Growing!'

Keeping myself healthy. Healthier lifestyle choices.


'Fire, fire!'

could we survive on just bread alone? What other foods do we need to eat?

'How does your garden grow?'

Why was it important for people to grow their own food during WW2?

'Moon Zoom' How do we keep fit and healthy? Why is it important to be fit and healthy?

'Scrumdidilyumptious! (Trade and food)'

who do humans, need the right types and amount of nutrition?

TrailblazersThe ways in which nutrients and water are transported within animals, including humans.'War and Conflict' Food in WW2.  

Eating at Westhouses Primary School

Here at Westhouses all children are encouraged to eat healthily and try new foods. Children who are on school lunches are provided with locally sourced nutritious food from Derbyshire Catering service that is cooked fresh onsite everyday by our amazing Chef Ms Rabbitt. 


Children who follow our lunchtime rules and try new foods are rewarded. Children who bring packed lunches are encouraged to include at least 3 healthy items. Children who bring healthy items in their lunchbox can receive Dojo points. 


Unhealthy break time snacks are not permitted at school, infants are provided with a piece of fruit and milk at break-time. Juniors may be given fruit (when available) and are welcome to bring their own healthy snacks with them. 

Have a look at the work our children have been doing 

We Love Food day

Thank you to our school Chef for making a yummy lunch on 'We Love Food day' 

Year 1 and Year 2

Explorers have been learning all about where food comes from, the lifecycle of eggs and how to build a healthy lunch. 

Evil Pea

Little Explorers got to learn all about healthy eating while defeating the Evil Pea! 

Healthy eating

Explorers have been learning about healthy diets and what's in our food in their science lessons. 

Little Explorers

Little Explorers got learn about fruit and vegetables through play. 

Pupil Voice take a stand for healthy eating

Our Pupil Voice team have created a points system for the sandwiches at lunch time to encourage healthy eating. 

KS2 learn about food

Our Philosophers and Trailblazers class have been learning about the environmental impacts of what we eat and where food comes from.

The have looked out why it is important to eat locally sourced food, how and why food is imported and about food miles. 

Healthy mind 


Keeping healthy isn't just about food, keeping our minds healthy in this chaotic time is very important. Why not take a break from home-learning and get outside. Check out our scavenger hunt resources below. 


What colour is fruit

Little Explorers have been getting crafty and exploring different fruits!



A Healthy lunch

Our Little Explorers have been working hard and sorting healthy and unhealthy food into lunch boxes!

A big well done

We want to say as massive well done to Grace for trying white cabbage for the first time, we challenge everyone learning from home to try a new food - check out our food charts on the main page for resources. 

Colour Food Bingo

Well done for joining in the colour food bingo challenge! 

Greek Day


Philosophers (Year 3/4) have been studying Ancient Greek. They have just celebrated their Greek day with some amazing food tasting. All the children got to taste some familiar and not so familiar foods including feta, hummus, tzatziki, flatbread, tomatoes, cucumber, onion and peppers. After trying all that they then got to design their own flatbread pizza with their favourite toppings on. They look yummy if you ask us! 

Councils visit Westhouses Primary School

This term Westhouses has had some very special visitors regarding Food for Life. FFL Commissioner from Derbyshire County Coucil Public Health team, the Derbyshire County Council Catering Manager and 2 Derbyshire County Council Councillors. Our children have been praised for their good manners and excellent lunchtime etiquette. This day was to help Derbyshire County Council promote healthy lunchtime meals.


Derbyshire County Council has this to say about the visit - 'I would just like to say a massive thank you for welcoming us last week for the School Dinner and Food for Life promotion event. I know that both Counsellors were really impressed by the school as a whole as well as the School dinners. I thought that the young people were really engaged and were a credit to everyone. I particularly was impressed by the classroom ambassadors as well.'


Check out the photos from the day below. 

Philosophers healthy eating lesson

Philosopher's have been learning all about healthy eating and what makes a 'balanced diet'. They also got to try some yummy new foods! 

"Equaliteas" Picnic

Our 'Equaliteas' picnic to celebrate 100 years since woman won the right to vote was amazing! Thank you to all who came to celebrate this moment in history.

A Royal day out

Thank you to everyone who came to our Royal Wedding picnic and a massive thank you to Mr Nutt who never fails to disappoint us with his cooking!

Healthy eating lesson

Philosophers learnt all about healthy eating and what makes a balanced diet today in their lesson. Check out the photos below.