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What does SNAG stand for and what is its function?

SNAG stands for School Nutrition Action Group. It is essentially a working party, formed to help review the schools food culture and develop and implement an action plan to improve it. 


A SNAG should comprise representation from all those who have an interest in food in school. Typically this will include one staff member, a parent or a governor and any other staff that may feel appropriate e.g. chef or midday supervisor.  It should include around 4–6 children, ensuring a mix of boys and girls, some who have dinners and some who have packed lunches.


Our SNAG includes Miss Flint (Food for Life Co-ordinator), Mrs Davey (Staff member and Parent), Mrs Tucker (Forest Schools lead and Midday supervisor), Mrs Russell (Eco Warriors teacher and HLTA) and 6 children (2 from each class)  that will change every term. 

2019 Parent Questionnaire results.

SNAG meeting 09.10.2019

Agenda for meeting:

  • Parent feedback
  • Pupil feedback
  • Dining hall 
  • Christmas Fair 


SNAG has designed a parent questionnaire and decided to create 2 suggestion boxes for in school. 

Do you think your children eat enough in school?

Does your child enjoy school meals?

Do you think school caters to your child's needs e.g. allergies?

Are school meals healthy?

Is there anything you think we can improve on?


They have nominated 2 members of the team to stand up in assembly to let the pupils know about Food for Life and they suggestion boxes. 


They will also be creating something to sell at the Christmas Fair with Mrs Davey - details to follow.


SNAG has devised some 'rules' for the dining hall that they will design into a poster. 

Please keep your voices quiet (no shouting)

Try and use your knife and fork

Be kind to your servers

Always have a go and try new food

Remember your manners 


Next meeting:

  • To look at the results of our parent and pupil feedback
  • To begin to implement changes suggested from parents/pupils 
  • To decide what we will be making/selling with Mrs Davey

What SNAG have been doing

Our SNAG ambassador have been to Matlock Meadows farm for Derbyshire’s Food for Life celebration day. 

SNAG meeting 27.06.2019


In our first ever SNAG meeting we brainstormed ideas to help us achieve our Bronze award. We then discussed how we could implement these in school. 


Meet out current SNAG team!

Meet out current SNAG team! 1