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What does SNAG stand for and what is its function?

SNAG stands for School Nutrition Action Group. It is essentially a working party, formed to help review the schools food culture and develop and implement an action plan to improve it. 


A SNAG should comprise representation from all those who have an interest in food in school. Typically this will include one staff member, a parent or a governor and any other staff that may feel appropriate e.g. chef or midday supervisor.  It should include around 4–6 children, ensuring a mix of boys and girls, some who have dinners and some who have packed lunches.


Our SNAG includes Miss Flint (Food for Life Co-ordinator), Mrs Davey (Staff member and Parent), Mrs Tucker (Forest Schools lead and Midday supervisor), Mrs Russell (Eco Warriors teacher and HLTA) and 6 children (2 from each class)  that will change every term. 

Check out what our SNAG team have been doing

A Thank you

We received a lovely card from Blackwell Primary for hosting a FFL picnic!

FFL video

Wow! It was amazing to be in the FFL video celebrating all they have achieved in Derbyshire!

Check out the video below. 


Getting out and about

Our Local Community means a lot to us, the Little Explorers have been carrying on our clean up campaign and litter picking around the village. 

Farmers Market 2023

Well done girls for taking part in the Farmer's Market hosted by Alfreton Park. Mrs Tucker sung your praises when you returned to school for showing a lovely example of our school. You made £14.50 that will go back into growing and cooking at school.


Farmer's Market

Some of our SNAG team are heading over to Alfreton Park School this morning to take part in their Farmer's Market!

What we did at Alfreton Park School


"When we visited Alfreton Park School it looked huge, everyone there was really nice and welcoming. When we first arrived, we sat of the sofa and watched some BBC news and then we got to meet a really nice lady called Katie. To begin, Katie gave us a tour of the school, it went from Nursery all the way up to Secondary. We then went and visited the Food for Life area of the school and met 2 of the children that go there. We got to sow some seeds here and the school have us some peas to take back, this was really kind! After this Cherry Tree class made us some toast, it was yummy. The children in Cherry tree class where really nice as well. Finally, we got to see the Headteachers dog who was so cute.  We really like Alfreton Park because they have lots to do, including, gardening, animals, a trampoline, a big break time park, it was so cool and huge!


Thank you, Alfreton Park." 


By Ella and Kacey.

Making links with schools

Our SNAG team had a great time at Alfreton Park School, thank you for having us! 

SNAG have been working on a 'help save the bees' campaign alongside Seedball. 


Help save the bees

Fun facts about bees:

  • If the Queen bee has no more eggs, the other bees will hoard around her until she overheats and dies.
  • The type of flowers bees takes their nectar from determines the honeys flavour.
  •   The honeybee is the only bee that produces food eaten by man.
  • A honeybee can fly for up to six miles, and as fast as 15 miles per hour. It would have to fly around 90000 miles three times around the globe to make one pound of honey.

How you can help:

You can help by planting wildflowers or herbs e.g., lavender.

You can help by giving sugar water to a bee if it looks unwell.

You can use clover in your seed mix because they like the nectar.

Do not cut dandelions, bees love dandelions.

Avoid purchasing plants that have been treated with synthetic pesticides.

Purchase locally grown honey.

Like people, bees need a home. It doesn’t need to be huge, window planters and plant pots are fine.



To promote saving the bees all children have been gifted a wildflower oddball from seedball (link above). We encourage you to plant it in your garden/in a pot.

 This scheme is part of our food for life work. We are now one mark away from achieving our silver award. If you chose to plant your oddball, please send us lots of pictures at [email protected]


Thank you for helping save the bees!


Poster made by Archie, Michaella and Kacey

Tommy's letter to help raise prizes for our pizza competition

SNAG's newletter to Copthorne Infants

SNAG team winter 2021

SNAG letter to Blackwell Primary School

SNAG September 2021 - September 2022 



While SNAG has been postponed Mrs Davey (our parent member) has been hard at work, she has completed the following training:

Growing for school

Outdoor classroom

Food safety with children 


Other members of the team have also completed some training

Mrs Russell - Get moving get healthy, Seasonal activities 1:1 tailored training. 

Mrs Tucker - Forest schools, Outdoor learning (learning with the seasons), Seasonal activities 1:1 tailored training. 

Miss Flint - Growing for schools, setting up a farm visit, Outdoor learning (learning with the seasons), Seasonal activities 1:1 tailored training. 

Mrs Tomlinson - Food hygiene 

A big well done to Mrs Davey

Well done to Mrs Davey who has won us a £500 grant from Earnest cook, this money will pay for outdoor equipment such and wellies and tools so the children can get growing all year round!

SNAG share a gift


Mrs Tucker alongside SNAG have created a  gift box for Blackwell Primary School to spread some joy. It includes recipes, seeds, a sweet pea plant and some poetry. 


SNAG Meeting 03.02.2020


Our SNAG groups change throughout the year and we want to thank the current SNAG group for all their hard work and effort. Certificates have been handed out the following pupils in celebration assembly.


  • Xander
  • Jack
  • Paiton
  • Rory
  • Maddy
  • Emmi
  • Corey 
  • Ava


The next SNAG team will be chosen by staff next term.



SNAG Meeting 21.01.2020

SNAG met to discuss the feedback from the suggestion box.

Suggestions included:


  • Food decorations to make the hall brighter
  • More choices
  • More information on lunchtimes
  • Parent Day
  • Music in the hall when we eat

Our Chef also got loads of compliments:

  • I enjoy out dinners
  • The food is really nice
  • I love fruit jelly
  • School dinners feed you up

The following was decided:

  • We will order/ create bright food related signs/art for our school hall
  • The choices for lunchtime and information the days/weeks/terms lunches will be displayed on view in school and on our website
  • Parent day will be implemented for each year throughout the school year
  • Calming music will be used to promote a healthy, happy eating environment and once a term (for good behavior) children can chose the music (e.g. pop music)

Next Meeting:

  • Thank you & Goodbye as this SNAG group comes to an end. 

SNAG made these amazing cakes for the Christmas Fair to show off some of our recipes you can make at home - they where a huge hit with parents and pupils!

SNAG Meeting 10.12.2019


Our SNAG team got together with our lunch time staff, Chef and Derbyshrie County Council Catering team to discuss our Food for Life Plans; short term and long term.


Summery of meeting:


Short term goals:

  • To create a suggestion box
  • To gather suggestions from both Parents and Pupils
  • To discuss and create these goals suggested by Parents/Pupil


Long term goals:

  • To have clear multi-cultural events linked with our dining to encourage pupils to try different foods.
  • To begin 'Welcome Wednesday' for parents to enjoy school meals with their children.
  • To continue with school picnics and 'special' events.
  • To bring a 'tuck shop' to encourage healthy eating in our pupils. 


Next meeting:

  • To discuss feedback from pupil suggestion box

2019 Parent Questionnaire results.

SNAG meeting 09.10.2019

Agenda for meeting:

  • Parent feedback
  • Pupil feedback
  • Dining hall 
  • Christmas Fair 


SNAG has designed a parent questionnaire and decided to create 2 suggestion boxes for in school. 

Do you think your children eat enough in school?

Does your child enjoy school meals?

Do you think school caters to your child's needs e.g. allergies?

Are school meals healthy?

Is there anything you think we can improve on?


They have nominated 2 members of the team to stand up in assembly to let the pupils know about Food for Life and they suggestion boxes. 


They will also be creating something to sell at the Christmas Fair with Mrs Davey - details to follow.


SNAG has devised some 'rules' for the dining hall that they will design into a poster. 

Please keep your voices quiet (no shouting)

Try and use your knife and fork

Be kind to your servers

Always have a go and try new food

Remember your manners 


Next meeting:

  • To look at the results of our parent and pupil feedback
  • To begin to implement changes suggested from parents/pupils 
  • To decide what we will be making/selling with Mrs Davey

What SNAG have been doing

Our SNAG ambassador have been to Matlock Meadows farm for Derbyshire’s Food for Life celebration day. 

SNAG meeting 27.06.2019


In our first ever SNAG meeting we brainstormed ideas to help us achieve our Bronze award. We then discussed how we could implement these in school. 


Meet out current SNAG team!