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Sports Crew and Sports Achievements

KS1 dance festival rehearsals

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KS1 dance festival rehearsals

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KS1 dance festival rehearsals

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KS1 dance festival rehearsals

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KS1 dance festival rehearsals

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KS1 Dance festival rehearsal photos!

Mini Leaders Training 2024

Basketball Tournament 2024

Our visit from Team GB athlete, Rebekah Green! She is part of the freestyle kayak team.

Well done to everyone who took part in the football and dodgeball competitions!

Thank you to Kaydor for sponsoring and providing our brand new Team Westhouses competition kit. We love it!

Well done to our Y5/6 football team! They came third place in the cluster competition and have progressed to the Small School District Final! Well done everyone!

Sports partnership team building day!

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Gold School Games award. Well done to everyone for your participation, resilience and commitment to sports and competition!

Dance festival 2023

Well done to our Basketball Team! After progressing through to the Small School Final, they won again! They are now heading to the District Final at Alfreton Leisure Centre. Well done everyone!

Wheelchair basketball

Human bowling at lunchtime!

Basketball competition 2022

Some of our children have had a taster session in boccia.

We are proud to announce that last night our football team won the Year 5/6 tournament - go Team Westhouses!

School Games Virtual Competition 1: Fencing and fencing skills.

Paceball 2020

Table Tennis Tournament!

On the 28th of January, 16 children took part in a small table tennis tournament which was run by Sports Crew. All the children showed a passion throughout the tournament, but like all competitions, there is only one winner. In the finals, we had Liam in year 5 and Joe B in year 4. But then Joe B won 5-4 and showed such a good interest in it.


                           By Luke (year 6)

Basket Ball Cluster Comp

On the 28th of January, 7 children (from Trailblazers) went to a basketball competition. All the children had lots of fun; showed all 7 sporting values: Determination, Self-belief, Honesty, Respect, Passion, Teamwork and Resilience. We all played at least three games all together but Team Westhouses played four games all together. Sadly, on our first game we played we were against the Pilsley B team; they scored a boat-load of points to our two but we showed team spirit. Then to our surprise, the tables turned on our seconded game (which was against Newton) we won! Then our third game we lost 2-0 to Morton A. But since we won one game we came third on our court and played the other third place team from the other court. We played against the Morton B team; once again we won. Then it was time for the certificates. We did well and came fifth out of eight schools!


                                    By Luke (Year 6)

Class 3 Swimming Gala

On Wednesday 16th December 2019 Class 3 attended a swimming gala at Clowne. Our team were Alfie, Paiton, Brooke, Mason, Neve, Jessica, Laila, Emmi, Dylan, James, Liam and Brody. They pushed themselves  to the limit and managed second place. All the children did amazing in all the races they attended. There was a variety of events, such as: boys breaststroke; girls breaststroke; cannon(a relay race) and much, much more. We won four races, the amazing children who won are as follows:




Eight children won a canon altogether.



                              By Luke Y6 and James Y6

Wow! Well done to Layla for winning a gold medal for tumbling runs at the Derbyshire Gymnastics Tumbling Championships!

Check out the video below!

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Massive Congratulations to those who went to the Sports Hall Athletics!

Our sports crew have been up to loads since we started back to school. Check out some of the fun activities organised for lunch times!

School Games Award 2019!

We are delighted to announce that we have once again achieved the School Games Gold Mark Award for the 2018/19 academic year!


The School Games Mark is a Government led award scheme launched in 2012, facilitated by the Youth Sport Trust to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community, and we are delighted to have been recognised for our success.


Last year, many of our children competed in local inter-school competitions and have increased their level of activeness, we are extremely proud of our pupils for their dedication to all aspects of school sport, including those young volunteers, leaders and officials who made our competitions possible.


As part of our application, we were asked to fulfil criteria in the areas of participation, competition, workforce and clubs, and we are pleased that the hard work of everyone at our school has been rewarded this year. If you would like more information about this award, please log on to: https://www.yourschoolgames.com/.


Once again, thank you to all of our children who have worked hard to become more active, taken part in school and cluster competitions and for working hard to demonstrate our core sporting values of respect, teamwork, honesty, self-belief, passion and determination. We look forward to applying once again in 2020 and retaining our Gold standard!


We just wanted to say a huge thank you to any one who came and supported us on sports day and a massive congratulations to Barcelona who won! Well done to everyone who also won our special prizes.


In our school we had a lot of fun trying different things such as pace ball. Which is a competition where you use a mini sized ball made for players to shoot in a miniature nets for both teams. It is a very exciting game and it was a hard but interesting event during our year of primary school.

Thank you for reading our report by Kamila y6 and ElijahY4.


Rugger Eds after school club took place on Tuesday every week for four weeks last term. We first started the term with a fantastic game of football, and ended with rocking rugby. We would also like to give a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE thanks (for making the sessions fun) to Chris and Josh.


  Report by Luke and James Y5’s

Brilliant Bike Ability!

On Friday 24th of May, the year sixes did Bike Ability to tame our skills out on the road and we learnt how to be safe whilst riding our bikes. We all learnt something called a live saver look to indicate we were ready to set off, we all would have to look behind our right shoulder. We learnt all about road signals and how to get on and off our bikes. The instructors were very helpful and patient. They all encouraged us to be brave. We all got badges and a certificate in Friday’s assembly the other week. We would all like to say thank you for helping us be safe on the roads and on our bikes.

Reported by Joe (Y6)


On Tuesday 22nd January we attended a basketball tournament at Tibshelf our first match was against Newton we lost 1-0 from a lucky basket. Then we played Morton but we lost 3-0 then Pilsley but we lost 3-1 luckily we drew 1-1 against Tibshelf. Unfortunately we came last but we all really enjoyed it.

By Mason  (Y5)

Sports Hall Athletics


On Wednesday 17th of January, Westhouses Primary School attended a sports hall athletics competition with 4 other schools. The competition began after school and ended at 5:30pm. While we were there we had relay races and obstacle races along with some field activities, such as: speed bounce, long jump, chest pass and javelin throw. The different type of races were: 2 of the 1 lap relay races, 2 lap relay race and the under and over race. We really enjoyed being in this competition and ended up placing 3rd.

Report by Ava and Isabelle Y6.

Well done to Wezley for coming 5th and Sofia for coming 2nd in the Infant Fun Run!



One term, the school children were given an opportunity to join a laser tag after school club. We played all sorts of games such as: Hide and Seek tig, team wars, Free for All and many more. At the end of all the sessions, we played a massive game of laser tag, we had a choice of big guns or little guns.


        Reported by James Y5 and Luke Y5

Trailblazers Tri Golf!

On Tuesday the 4th  June 12 Trailblazers attended tri golf at Shirland golf club. We were the first team to arrive, so we got into the swing of things by starting the warm up they had planned for us. After that, we were told to sit in our teams for the teachers to number us so we could get on with our golf. We were assigned to nine different holes. Once we had done all nine holes, we went inside for some refreshments and for the rewards. We came 4th out of 6 but we won the spirit of the games award which is better than 1st place.


          Reported by: James Y5 and Luke Y5

Year 3/4 football competition.


on Tuesday, Year 3/4 took part in the football competition against 8 schools. After winning our first match and player injuries, we finished 6th place- an amazing result after being down 2 players!


We were also awarded the spirit of the games award. Well done everyone!

Gymnastics competion


On Wednesday 14th November, Westhouses Primary School attended a gymnastic completion with the years 2, 3 and 4. First we did stretches so we didn’t pull any muscles. Then we practised some gymnastic poses such as: the pipe, tuck and much more. Since this was just a friendly bit of fun we all split in groups with other schools and children. In our groups we did the crab and stretches to strengthen your muscles. Next (still in our groups) we went on the beam. We had a great time and would like to go again.


Report by Ava and helped by Lexi.

Gymnastics 2018

Still image for this video
Amazing effort from all who joined in!

Gymnastics - well done to those who went!

Tag Rugby Mega Fest


On Thursday 4th October Westhouses attended a tag rugby mega fest with our five cluster teams. A tag rugby mega fest is a lot of mini games to do with tag rugby. It was a friendly, fun activity not a competition, like the one coming up in four weeks.


We played a lot of mini games with Tibshelf community school students like: Egg nest and Rugby Rounder's and much more. We were also mixed up with other schools like: Blackwell and Morton and more for two tag rugby mini matches.


Reported by: Ava and Luke. 

Zorbing was amazing, all the children (and most of the staff) had a fantastic time!

Trailblazers go Zorbing!

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Meet this year’s new Sports Crew!

Stand up Derbyshire day 2018

Stand up Derbyshire!

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Wheelchair Basketball

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Wheelchair Basketball was a big hit with the children - loads of fun!

We are delighted to announce that we have achieved the School Games Gold Mark Award for the 2017/18 academic year.


The School Games Mark is a Government led award scheme launched in 2012, facilitated by the Youth Sport Trust to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community, and we are delighted to have been recognised for our success.


Last year, many of our children competed in local inter-school competitions and have increased their level of activeness, we are extremely proud of our pupils for their dedication to all aspects of school sport, including those young volunteers, leaders and officials who made our competitions possible.


We are very proud of six children from Trailblazers who went to take part in an Orienteering competition at Shirebrooke Academy. The children split into two teams of 3, Tom, Elizabeth and Kelcee did well and Imogen, Joshua and Sawyer came first It was an exciting climax and they got gold with a sprint finish from Sawyer- well done, we are all very proud of you!

Our winning Orienteering Team! July 2018

Infant Fun Run

June 2018:

We are very proud of our six runners from Year 1 and 2 who took part in the Fun Run at Tibshelf Infants- they all ran really well! A special mention to Layla who came first!

Quad Kids Report!

On Tuesday 12th June at 11am Trailblazers attended an athletics competition. Unfortunately we came 6th Place, but that doesn't mean we didn't try our best! There activities included a 75m sprint, javelin throwing, a long jump and a 600 meter run. Luckily we did get a 1st place in the girls 75m run, YAY! 


By Freya

Sports Crew. 


Handball has just started across our school and it's a really good experience to play different sports like handball. It starts at 3:15 and finishes at 4:15. In handball you have a variety of warm up activities and then at the end of the sessions you will get to play a fun game, it's really fun plus it keeps you fit and healthy. 


Report by Sawyer & Max. 


Tackling Tag Rugby:


On Tuesday the 21st November Westhouses Primary School years 5/6 took part in a tag rugby competition. It was great playing as a team, passing the ball backwards because you can only pass backwards and sideways in the sport. Max, Alfie, Luke, Alyssa, Connie, Elizabeth and Ava were the children who took part and represented our school, but sadly we drew one and lost four others (which wasn’t too bad). Finally, Claire shouted out who had won in the whole competition and that was Pilsley Primary School. The other results we don’t know yet until our teacher gets emailed the scores of the schools.

Well Done Westhouses Primary School.


Written by Max (Sports Crew).

Well done to everybody who took part in the KS1 dance festival - you did amazingly!!



On Friday 29th September 2017, Westhouses Primary School joined in with Stand Up For Bolsover day.

We did stand up for Bolsover where we had to be stood up for 50% of the day but we tried to do it for 100% for a challenge. It was raining so we all moved the tables and chairs so we could do activities inside. After break we could go outside because the rain slowed down but we had to have our coats on. So Explorers went next to the recreation ground, Philosophers were also on the rec, Trailblazers were on the grass opposite the Westhouses memorial recreation ground.

Later when we had had lunch we all kept active – Infants did balance bikes, Juniors had PE.

After the fun day at school we all lined up to head home.


Written by Ava, Kamila and Kelcee (Sports Crew).



On Friday's in Trailblazers we do P.E, this month we are focusing on hockey. We plan to improve our hockey skills with the help of Josh and Chris from Rugger Eds! At the start of Rugger Eds we do a couple of games to get our bodies warmed up so we don't pull any muscles. 


In hockey you have to know how to pass to be successful. Hockey is a hard sport because you have to have control of the ball. Please give hockey a try it'd a really good sport!


Go on give it a try! 


By Joe - Sports Crew. 

Tony’s Terrific Football


Join us on a Monday for juniors football session or a Friday for Infants and it starts at 3.15pm-4.15pm. Mr Gascoyne is a friendly coach who is experienced and trains you to be at a brilliant level in football and much more. The training sessions are for all abilities.

Each session Mr Gascoyne warms you up by stretching activities so you don’t pull a muscle during the training session. Then we move on to skills where you can do a variety of skills like rainbow flicks, Ronaldo chop and all types of turns, also you learn to control a ball as well. Shortly after that, you will move onto having shots where you’ll either do it in partners or be given a number from Mr Gascoyne, that is when he shouts out the number and you have a shot against the goalkeeper. Towards the end of training you get to have a match where Mr Gascoyne puts you into equal teams and at the end of the match Mr Gascoyne chooses a member for ‘Player of the match’.

I recommend Mr Gascoyne’s Football as it improves your confidence and keeps you fit.


Reported by Max [sports crew]

New Sports Crew!

Sports Day

On Thursday 4th July we had our sports day, where teams battled it out for the chance to win a medal and to get the third gold template with their team name on the trophy. The games were long jump, bouncy hoppers, javelin, egg and spoon race, obstacle course, penalties, sack race and hurdles. After all the activities we gathered on the bottom pitch. We all sat in our teams. Sports Crew announced the people who had been chosen for the 6 sports achievements – self-belief, respect, passion, teamwork, honesty, determination. Then the teachers told us the winning team…


By Isabelle and Ava



On the 4th of July, 6 lucky people took part in an orienteering event at Shirebrook.

There was a year 5 team (Alfie, Sawyer and Max) and a year 6 team (Jack C, Jack O and Toby) each team had 3 students in. During the event you had to use your teamwork, determination and dedication skills as well as the most important one, which was to have fun! At Shirebrook Academy there were 3 events which were as followed: Orienteering, crossing the radioactive swap and making funny faces with certain equipment. On the orienteering we had a time limit which was 20 minutes, our year 6 team managed to come 2nd out of about 20 teams! Overall, everyone loved it even though the year 5 team didn’t get in the top 3.

A huge thank you to Shirebrook Academy for hosting such an amazing event!


Written By: Jack C, Jack O and Alfie.

Orienteering at Shirebrook Academy!

Sports Crew Interviews!

Recently in Class 2, we had some interviews for the year 4s. Just 4 lucky people would get through.

When 2 of the Sports Crew members came to do my Interview I was a bit worried! I really wanted to be in Sports Crew because I love sports. Before we were told who the successful applicants were, 3 Sports Crew members (Bobby, Isabelle and Jack O) showed us some reports that Sports Crew had written over the last year. It seems like it takes a lot of talent and hard work, I hope that I’m good enough! (To write outstanding reports like the rest of the crew).

Luckily I am now one of those 4 People and a member of sports crew. When I s finally told in assembly I had become part of Sports Crew I felt OVERJOYED!


Written By Joe Y4.

Festival of Sport


On the 23rd of June, year 5s visited Tibshelf Secondary School to take part in numerous athletic activities including: football, golf, tag rugby, long jump/high jump, basketball and last but definitely not least, trampoline. They arrived with a thrill in their heads and a churning in their stomach. The anticipation built up as they were distributed into 6 teams. This was a stimulating touch to the event as it concluded in many gaining new friends. The activities were flawless as they increased the experience in each sport, intriguing them into further play.

Year 2 mini Olympics


On Wednesday 21 June, year 2 went to Tibshelf Secondary to do some exciting activities. Once they had arrived, they headed to their gazebo to leave their bags. After that, they got split into two groups of six.


Their first activity was called Football Dribble and they had to dribble the ball in and out of the cones. At the end they had to attempt score in the net. Layla K. came first. The next activity was Penalty Shootout and they had to try and score against a goalkeeper. Xander was brilliant at scoring! Brody scored three goals as well. The last activity before a drink break was another football mini-game called football pass. You had to work in partners and after you had passed to your friend you had to move to a different cone each time.


The fourth game was golf they had to work in partners one of the partners had to stand on the line and the other one had to hit the ball against the fence. After a hitting a fence, they were told to try and get their golf ball into the hoop. Westhouses were the only school to get their balls into the hoop! Activity five was catching. Brody managed to catch forty five without dropping it! The sixth activity was long jump and they had to jump as far as they could. In the first group Brooke Booth won with one metre sixty and in the other group Emmi Garrard won by jumping one metre seventy. Activity seven was called basketball. They had to try and throw a basketball into a hoop and Brooke was great at it! After that the instructor said, “Why not throw a bean bag into the hoop?”


Activity eight was hurdles. You had to jump over the hurdles and at the end there was a bigger hurdle to jump. Activity nine was speed bounce! Layla set a record of twenty seven jumps without stopping! Well Done!


After Lunch, they did agility ladders. Layla K set another record of being the only one who could do two steps in the ladder steps. Activity eleven was colour bingo (cups and saucers). Team one (Brooke’s group) won because they turned all of them over before the time was up. The last activity was Beam, Balance and Mats. First hop across a beam. Then they walked across another beam. Then a forward roll onto a mat. Lastly you had to do a balance.


Year twos had a great time on all the mini games. Thanks to Tibshelf Secondary, Mrs Tucker, Mr G and Mrs Rose.


By Brody, Emmi and Ashlee (Sports Crew)


Tri-Golf Report

On Wednesday the 14th June we went to a tri-golf event at Shirland Golf Club. We were against Tibshelf Town end A-B and the Glebe Junior School.

At the end in our pairs we had a score. Harvey and Kelcee had 28 points a draw with our other pair in Tibshelf- A, Imogen and Elizabeth’s score was 40 and their opposite pair scored 37. Jack C and Kaleb scored 34 and their opposite pair scored 31. Overall Westhouses came third.

Also a massive thank you to Shirland golf club for helping out.


By Imogen and Kelcee.

Go Ride 2017


On Tuesday the 23rd of May 6 lucky pupils from y5 and 6 attended Go Ride. A bike competition between 7 schools round the area. In this competition we did a relay, girl races, and boy races, we also did an Italian pursuit. Unfortunately we placed 7th which was sadly last place but we all enjoyed it and we all definitely got a souvenir (injury). We were incredibly lucky to have the Bolsover mascot 'Sporty' who went with us – we had a great time!


Freya, Sports Crew member.

Year Sixes Brilliant Bike Ride


At quarter past nine, year six set out to learn about the basics of bike riding. Our instructors – Mick, Matt and Liam- guided us through the safety ‘M check’ and the safety of riding on the road. The first thing we did was circle around the M.U.G.A practising hand signals and life saver look!


After we practiced safety drills the year 6s headed out to cycle on the road. We listened to Mick about the positions we had to go in to be safe. As we got in pairs they explained to us that we were going to do a U-turn on the main road. After a few practises, we were told to watch Liam demonstrate a right turn out from the minor road to the major road.


Some of the year 6s said it was a lot better than doing lessons even though we were in the blazing sun. On the other hand we all enjoyed it! One of the year 6s said, “It was very fun and it was a brilliant experience!”


At the end we were told about the Highway Code and the laws of riding a bike. The year 6s thought it was a fun and that it was a good learning experience. The year 6s hoped they could do it again.


Thanks to the ‘F.G.P’ for giving us a great bike riding experience!

By Ashlee and Bobby

Congratulations to our trophy winner!

DW Stadium, Football Tournament 18.01.17


First, we had a warm up match against Tibshelf Town End. We won 5-3 (YAY)! Soon after that, we played are first group stage game against William Gilbert and we lost 5-0, but we still had hope! Until . . .  we played Walter Evans A: we lost 5-0 although we played really well - we were just unlucky. After that we had a 30 minute lunch break. Next, we had our third game against Penny Way and we lost 9-0, surely all hope was lost. Yes, all hope was lost, we played St Werburgh’s B and we lost 5-0. Last of all, we played two friendlies against Blackwell Primary and Tibshelf Town End Junior School, there was no result in either of them because we had no ball for half of the games!


By Harvey Taylor and Freya Holman, Members of Sports Crew.

Westhouses pupil part of successful Bolsover U11 football team. Victorious at the N.E. Derbyshire tournament played in 2016. 

Sports Crew - Survey!!

We would like all pupils in class 2 to participate please.

Click on the link below to go to the survey.


Meet the crew!

Lunchtime sports run by the Sports Crew

These are just some of the sports events we attended in the autumn term


You may have read about the report on the football tournament in September, me and one of my friends found out there was a scout there. When we went to school one day one of our teachers gave us a letter and we were invited to a football selection evening in Bolsover for an under 11 girl’s football team. And it went really well for us, there were a total of twelve people there for the football. About a month later we attended a football tournament and eight of the twelve people went and I was one of them. AND WE WON!!!!!!


I feel so lucky!



Rugby Megafest


On 17 October 2016, a group of children from Westhouses Primary School were invited to attend a rugby Megafest held at the nearby Tibshelf Community School. Other schools from the area also attended, including: Pilsley Primary School, Tibshelf Town End Junior School and Blackwell Primary School. Mrs Davey escorted the children from our school and made sure they all stayed safe whilst they were there. Westhouses were represented by Sawyer, Jack O, Max, Jayla, Toby, Christian and Elizabeth.

The Megafest was an amazing event. The children took part in rugby-themed games to learn about some of the skills needed to play. These games included: Tag-rugby, Steal the Egg (the egg was of course a rugby ball), Bench Ball (with a rugby ball) and a rugby version of Stuck in the Mud. There were no winners and no losers…just lots of fun stuff!



By Jack O

Golden mile!


Golden mile is a voluntary running club. We all meet on Friday mornings at 8:30 am outside school. We have about 20 minutes to run round the bottom pitch as many times as we can. You have to run about 16 laps to get a mile. All your laps are added up and you get certificates when you reach targets like 10 25 50 miles.


By Sawyer & Isabelle. 

Tibshelf Football Tournament


In September/October, a group of class 3 members went to Tibshelf community school to take part in a football tournament against six different schools. Sawyer, Tom, Joshua, Freya, Max, Alfie, Jamie, Harvey, Luke and Roger Bolstridge our manager all took part in this event. There were: Morton, Blackwell, Heath, Westhouses (our school), Newton and Tibshelf Town End schools all took part in the tournament. The team that won was: Tibshelf Town End .



Report by Harvey Taylor, Class 3 member of Sports Crew.  



 In September a group of children went to Tibshelf Town End Junior school to play a football match which included three halves. The tiny Westhouses team got an amazing result against the colossal Tibshelf team. The game finished 10-5 to Westhouses. After the game we had a full week of celebration we were so happy!


By Freya

Sports Crew News

On Wednesday 23rd of March Sports Crew from Westhouses Primary School went on a trip to Shirebrook Academy to learn how to become a mini leader for our school - To lead activities in our school for YOU!

We became better leaders with the help of John Barker (who helped the Head of Crew) and the reporters/the values got help from Paul and also Steven helped the photographer.


Volley ball match report below

Volley good effort from shirebrook staff



Surprisingly, Olympian Ben Pipes and his student team suffered a dramatic defeat against Shirebrook staff in their showcase volleyball match. Ben’s team ‘Great Britain’ lost 25-7 at the spellbound stadium (The school PE hall). After defeat there was a shocking silence flowing across the room just from the sheer awe of ordinary people majorly beating a professional volleyball player! Also after the phenomenal game we interviewed Ben. He explained “Our team service was lacking and the opposing team had amazing teamwork which was on point.” Ben Pipes was still proud of his team even though they had a major loss. Ben's quest to become an Olympian is an inspiration to us all. As he always says as his motto: FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! Meanwhile the staff have a picture with Ben Pipes after the match and let off an almighty cheer. The audience was really encouraging and enthusiastic which prolonged all through the match.