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Stone Age

Stone Age facts

The Stone Age was a broad prehistoric period.

The Stone Age was a time in history where they found out about stone. And they made stone tools that was 3.4 million years ago!!!

Big game hunters

Many large and dangerous animals die in the Ice Age. Some people tracked down some really large species such, as  Wooly Mammoths for food to eat.

Stone age art 

Early humans may have used art as away of helping themselves in there struggle for survival.


Homo habitans early human who evolved around 2.3 million years ago.

3000,000-150,000 YEARS AGO!!!!

Apperance of Homo sapiens in Africa. Flint was commonly used for making Stone tools.The stone age was a really good time in the amizing history when the Early humans used alot of tools and wepons made out of stone.

The Stone Age happened a long time ago and people didn't look like us they look really different they have different faces to us they also have bigger nostrils than us way bigger.smiley


the stone age people liked to fight sometimes but some people say the men was the ones how gone to fight and the girls would do the paintings on the wall sometimes but the girls do go hunting and the boys do to so they could get food but the stone age was not like are days they had to wear animal skin and some of them lived in caves or they could live outside and they was not going to shops like us they were hunting for animals