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Farming and the curriculum

It is important to us that our pupils understand where their food comes from. We link 'from farm to food' work throughout the curriculum. 



Little Explorers'Animal Explorers!' Little explorers go on a farm trip.'Exploring Growing!' Home Role Play: buying and taking care of a house plant 
ExplorersWhat are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores?'How does your garden grow' Where are the farms in our local area? What do they grow? Where do they sell their produce? 
Philosophers'Rhubarb farm' workshop and activities throughout the year and farm visit. 
Trailblazers'Brilliant Britain!' describe how living things are classified into broad groups according to common observable characteristics 

Farms we have worked with:

Bee Keeper - Kathy, The Beekeeper 

Eccles Farm - A small holding farm in the High Peak of Derbyshire. 

Bluebell Farm - A family run farm that specialises in ice-cream. 

Rhubarb Farm - A charity based farm that offers work placements, training and volunteering opportunities to people with long-term issues, or people who want to learn about growing their own fruit and vegetables.


Have a look at the work we have been doing with farms.

Farm visit

The weather didn't dampen our spirits when Reception - Year 4 went to visit Rhubarb Farm for an unforgettable trip. 

Despite the mud the children got to see working farm animals and some amazing growing. They also got to take part in some pond dipping and explore the wildlife. 

Thank you to Rhubarb Farm for letting us visit and thankyou to all the staff for getting extra soggy! 

LKS2 Farm Visit

Phiosophers had an amazing time on the farm visit to Rhubarb Farm, Miss Briggs wasn't sure about the donkey though! cheeky

Rhubarb Farm 


Yesterday Rhubarb Farm https://www.rhubarbfarm.co.uk/ visited our Philosophers class to give a presentation and leave some amazing activities. The children loved hearing all about the farm and it's animals. 

Rhubarb Farm will be visiting us again this year and we hope to plan a trip to the farm in the summer! 

Thank you for coming! 


Bee Farmer

We share a bee farmer with Blackwell Primary School (one of our link schools) and publish their monthly articles to our newspaper, check them out by following the link. 

Bluebell farm

Our Philosophers had a school trip to Bluebell dairy farm were they got to learn where food comes from and how farming works. They also got to have a yummy ice-cream. 

Food waste, the environment and our school lunches - assembly by SNAG

Andrew and Liz at Top Eccles Farm



Let us introduce ourselves, we are Andrew and Liz and we live at Top Eccles Farm here in the High Peak of Derbyshire and we are your new Food for Life Farm Link. I have to say Andrew does usually look more cheerful!





We are a smallholding with just a few acres, but it makes up part of our living. We have converted a stone barn into a holiday cottage for 4 people called Barn Meadow and have 2 cats called Sparkle and Spangle, 2 alpacas called Hercules and Horatio (we spin and sell their fleece), 9 hens which do have names – wellie, nom, HP, grumpy, spotty, leggy, hooky, nooky and speck and 3 beehives – no they don’t have names but produce lots of delicious honey. We currently don’t have any other animals but watch this space!

We have a polytunnel and growing area to grow produce for ourselves and holiday makers. We sell some of our produce from the bottom of our driveway and into local shops. We are quite high up over 1100ft (can you work out how many metres that is?) so our growing season is quite short. We both have other part-time jobs to make ends meet!





We are very lucky to live in such a beautiful place, but it is hard work at times. Here you can see our little world! We have some great neighbours who farm on a slightly larger scale than us. One has lots of sheep and a horse livery and the other is ‘rewilding’ their land and have pigs, sheep and cattle. We will be introducing them over time. At some point it will be great to do a live chat with you so you can ask us questions and see where we live. Watch out for our next update when we will show you how the alpacas are sheared and the wool spun. Hercules and Horatio do like to roll and chill out!