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Online Safety (Parents)

Squid game advice for parents (link below) 


TikTok Tips: You're in Control Video Series 2.0 | TIKTOK OFFICIAL ACCOUNT

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Useful guides for parents on Apps your children may be using.

Vodafone digital parenting information

For many families, it can be hard to keep pace with the rapid advances in tech, devices, apps and the ways young people are using them.

 Digital Parenting gives parents the knowledge and tools they need to have important conversations with their children about the digital world - so families can get the most out of it and navigate it safely.

Digital Parenting is a resource by the Vodafone Foundation UK charity 1089625 and digital family experts, Parent Zone.



Parenting in a digital world can be tough. Our children are more tech-savvy than ever before, and keeping up with them is tricky business.


How can we guide our children safely through a world we never knew at their age? How can we best model responsible online behaviour and what do we need to know as parents to ensure our children are navigating the internet safely?


Purple Mash have published a free guide to answer questions like these and help support parents in enabling their children to grow into responsible digital citizens. And if you struggle to tell your phishing from your pharming, there's also a jargon-busting glossary to get you up to speed.


Click on the link below to get your free guide.


Children's use of digital technology is one of the biggest threats to a child’s mental and sometimes physical wellbeing.

There are 1000’s of applications children use, many with the potential of creating a safeguarding concern and making a child vulnerable online.

Common Sense Media https://www.commonsensemedia.org/  is a great resource for getting to know about not just the apps available, but for all media that children and young people use, watch, read, or have access to.

The UK Safer Internet Centre publish a newsletter which often contains practical and useful information regarding keeping children safe online. Their latest newsletter covers issues such as Pokémon Go and keeping safe during the holidays. I have copied the address to their home page below. You may want to sign up for their newsletter, too.