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Music at WHPS


We believe that music is key to modern society and education and embed it in our daily practice. The teaching of music is based upon the fact that it is a creative and social art to be enjoyed and that each person has a different belief or view around what makes 'good' music. Children have the opportunity to enjoy musical experiences through listening, singing, movement and dance and by playing tuned and un-tuned percussion.


In Years 3 and 4, children take part in the Derbyshire County Council 'Wider Opportunities' scheme, where they are able to learn how to play a musical instrument. In the past, children have learnt how to play brass, woodwind and percussion instruments, all ending in a performance to our parents. Children who enjoy at this are encouraged to continue the lessons further.


Pupils are also taught a range of musical techniques, such as using the pentatonic scale, scales, layering sounds for effect and creating music using computing systems. We also investigate how music can contribute to meaning when reading and using moving images and how we can create our own music from images. We ensure that children are exposed t a range of artists and musicians, comparing their styles and evaluating them based on our own ideas.