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Wrap Around Care

Wrap around Care


We are open daily (term time only) for children who attend Westhouses Primary School. Breakfast club runs from 7.50am – 8:50am and is supervised by 2 members of staff in our hall. Our Afterschool club runs from the end of the school day – 5:30pm. If your child wishes to attend an afterschool activity club they can be collected from that club by a member of wrap around care staff however attending a club does not discount our care.


The supervisors are DBS checked and comply completely with school safeguarding standards. They will provide an informal but secure setting to ensure your child feels safe and happy. A snack will be provided at both breakfast and afterschool club and a range of activities will be available for your child to join in. A quiet area will be provided if your child wishes to read or do homework.


Your child can choose to have a breakfast, whether they have already eaten at home. The Breakfast will be a mixture of toast, cereal, fruits and yogurts. Afterschool your child will be provided with a snack.


Wrap around Care is billed weekly (every Friday), including every session but Friday afternoons; these run onto the following weeks bill. A text is sent home letting parents know what they owe. If your bill exceeds £60 we may ring or send a final reminder, if this is then ignored we have the right to refuse our services to you. We recommend keeping track of your child’s attendance at home and paying termly, monthly or weekly in advance. If you pay a large sum and your child cannot attend for any reason we will credit their account. This can either be claimed back through the office or pay for a future session.



Breakfast care 7.45am-8am an additional £1.00 per child.

Breakfast care 8.00am – 8.50am £4.00 per child including breakfast.

Afterschool care 3.15pm – 5.00pm £5.50 per child including snack.

Afterschool care 5.00pm-5.30pm an additional £2.50 per child.

Afterschool care after a club no longer receives a discount.

Children in receipt of Pupil premium free school meals (Not Universal free meal for Rec-Year 2) will be charged £2.50 for breakfast care and £4.00 for afterschool care. (Additional charges for extra time stay the same)



Every day (Mon-Fri) Breakfast care is £16 – saving £4.00.

Every day (Mon-Fri) after school care is £25 – saving £2.50.

Every day (Mon-Fri) complete Wrap around care is £40 –saving £7.50.


Please indicate on the booking form below if your child will be staying until 5pm or 5.30pm. If you are unsure please fill the form in to the best of your knowledge at the moment.  Breakfast club opens at 7.45am for an additional charge of £1 per child. Please indicate on your booking form if you wish your child to start early.


Please note: If we do not have a booking form/note for your child you will not get a discount.

Booking forms can be requested from the school office alternatively please email the dates and times you wish your child to be booked in to [email protected]

Find out more

We post photos of activities we get up to in breakfast/afterschool club in our club page (link below). Go check it out!