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6) Who are the other people providing services to children with SEND in this school?

School provision

  • Teachers responsible for teaching SEN groups/individuals on a part-time basis.

  • Teaching Assistants and HLTAs mainly working with either individual children or small groups on interventions such as Switch On, Positive Play, Toe by Toe, handwriting, pre-teaching etc.

  • ICT support in the form of writing and maths programmes are delivered  by  teaching assistants during specified small group or individual sessions, according to need.

  • Teaching Assistants or HLTAs offering support for children with emotional and social development through daily checking in sessions.

    Local Authority Provision delivered in school

  • Autism Outreach Service

  • Educational Psychology Service

  • Sensory Service for children with visual, hearing or other sensory needs

  • Parent Partnership Service

  • SALT (Speech and Language Therapy)

  • Behaviour Support

  • SSSEN (School Support Services for Educational Needs)

  • SSPI and SSVI (School Support for Physical Impaired and Visual Impaired)

    Health Provision delivered in school

  • Additional Speech and Language Therapy input to provide a higher level of service to the school

  • School Nurse

  • Occupational Therapy



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