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Children's Work

Internet safety day 2022

On Tuesday 8th February, we celebrated Internet Safety Day at Westhouses Primary School. The theme for this year was ‘All fun and games: Exploring respect and relationships online’. We believe that being safe online is extremely important, so we spent the day celebrating the role young children have in creating a safer internet. All classes worked hard to make sure we know exactly what to do when we feel uncomfortable about something online. We were joined by some parents in the afternoon, who participated in some of the activities the different classes had planned.  

Across the school, there was a whole host of activities being completed. In Explorers, children created emoji fans to support discussions about online scenarios they might come across. They also explored the Digiduck story and looked at what sort of information is safe to share online. In Philosophers, we helped Bob, the alien, by teaching him about using games and apps safely and when to ask for help from an adult. This was followed by children creating an internet safety themed board game. In Trailblazers, children looked at the idea of giving consent and exploring what happens to their information once you give an app permission to use it. Children also created information and data boxes that can be used as a reminder about what can happen if information is shared in the wrong places. 

Do I feel safe around school? Results 2020

Trailblazers created informative leaflets and posters for both parents and pupils and also looked at their own digital footprints.

Philosophers 'SMART' posters linked with internet safety week.

Explorers created posters about online safety, they also did some online safety work searches and puzzles - linked to internet safety week.

'Escape' visited us again for another amazing online safety workshop.

Trailblazers online anti-bullying posters.

ESCape Play by Satmine Theatre Company

After watching a play about internet safety, class three made key rings to remind them all about how to be safe online.

Class 2 Anti- bullying week activity

How serious is bullying activity: Class 2 read out various scenarios to do with bullying. We discussed how serious each of them were, how the person affected would have felt at the time and also the long term implications of what had happened. The children sorted the different scenarios into a 'Diamond 9' - the most serious in their eyes being at the top and the least at the bottom of the diagram. 

Year 3 and 4 Internet Safety Posters