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Bronze Age

Bronze Age

The gold cape was found in a grave.

The beginning of Bronze Age was around 2000BC.

Bronze Age was alive around 1,700 years ago.


Bronze Age





5500 BC

Extraction of metals begins in Persia and Afghanistan




4000 BC

Ur in Mesopotamia is world’s first city




3800 BC

Bronze discovered in middle  east


3500 BC

First Egyptian cities develop



Bronze age begins in summer



The summer civilization started in the Bronze Age around to about 3300 BC. The Mesopotamia began around 2900 BC    

The Bronze age began in 2500BCE  ,When people began to move from Europe to Britain when they started using Bronze ,metals , copper , tin. Bronze Age people invesgated new ways of farming and metalworking.

A farmer came to live in the village because it has a lot of food, when he got there   he was a spriest.

Bronze Age Trading

Metalworkers were greatly respected in their social group   because they had more possessions than the others   and could trade their metal for other things they need/want. Eventually, this system spread beyond local communities

 Bronze Age facts


 The Bronze Age houses was made out of wood, stone filled with wattle, woven wood and daub which is a mixture of mud and straw. 

In the Bronze Age they had to take care of the jewellery while they was building.


What food did they eat in the Bronze Age?   


They ate: 

Horse meat, 

Dog meat,

Cows meat, 

Pig meat and 

Sheep meat.

why they didn't use stone any more

They did't use stone any more because Bronze is stronger then stone but they started using Bronze in summer about 3300 BC ago.They made a lot with Bronze like 







and much more.In the Bronze Age they didn't have coins but in the Iron Age they did


in the Bronze Age they ate nettle stew,barley beer bread,kefir cheese and smokey fish stew and a lot more things

The Bronze Age finished in about the 8th sentry

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