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Parent Pay

Parent Pay

How it works:

ParentPay is an online payment platform our school uses. It is not a billing platform and therefore we cannot take money out of your bank account or set up a direct debit on your behalf. ParentPay works similar to online shopping, if you wish to pay for an item select the item, select how much you wish to pay and add it to your basket (before you pay check your basket total is correct). You can add multiple items to your basket and pay by typing in your card details (Your card details will not be saved and school cannot see them). You may see multiple payment items linked to your child account e.g. Derbyshire meals, Wrap Around Care and book bags, this is not a bill but are payment options and you only need to add them to your basket if you wish to pay for them otherwise you can ignore them. 


School meals are only taken from children's accounts who pay for meal (from year 3 upwards) and you should be able to see on your ParentPay account if you owe any money. A text is also sent weekly to parents who owe any money for school dinners. You cannot see the dinner menu or select a meal type on ParentPay as our school is family dining based meaning there is only one option (dietary options are available). See our menu here  https://www.derbyshire.gov.uk/education/schools/your-child-at-school/meals/catering-school-meals.aspx


School milk is free for all children at Local Authority settings under the age of 5. Once your child turns 5 they will no longer be entitled to free milk but you can pay for it. This is a separate service to ParentPay and is ran by an outside company. If you wish to purchase milk you will need to do so via the cool milk website. They will then send a register of the children who are entitled and who pay for milk to school. https://www.coolmilk.com/parents/


Split accounts:

Children are automatically set up with one account when they join us, if you require your child to have multiple payer accounts (e.g. separated parents) please come to the school office to request a second payer account. Once both payers are set up they both have access to their child's account however cannot see what each other pay for or use each other debit/credit cards for payment. 


Forgotten passwords:

Once you have set up your account using the login letter provided by school it is then locked, meaning school cannot access the account or change your password for you. If you forget your password select the 'forgotten password' button on the login page of the ParentPay website. This will send an email to the email address you provided when you first set up your account (check your junk mail). If you do not receive an email you need to contact ParentPay directly using the 'contact support'. https://app.parentpay.com/FormsAPI/forms/contactus



If you require a refund please speak to the school office within 3 months of the payment. Guidance on how to then claim a refund back or use it as credit on your account is below. 


Help from ParentPay

An introduction to our

online payment service




What does ParentPay do?

  • Enables you to pay for school dinners and other items such as trips.
  • Offers a highly secure payment site.
  • Gives you a history of all the payments you have made.
  • Allows you to create a single account login across all your children that attend a ParentPay school for example if you have a child at Westhouses and Tibshelf Secondary School you can link their account making payments easier. 
  • Shows you all items available for payment relevant to each of your children.
  • Emails a receipt of your payment to the email address you register.


How does ParentPay help you?

  • Gives you the freedom to make payments to school whenever and wherever you like.
  • Stops you having to write cheques or search for cash to send to school.
  • Gives you peace of mind that your payment has been made safely and securely.
  • Helps with budgeting; payments are immediate, there is no waiting for cheques to clear.
  • Payments for many of the larger trips can be made by instalments up to the due date.
  • ParentPay is quick and easy to use.


How does ParentPay help your school?

  • Reduces the administrative time spent on banking procedures.
  • Keeps accurate records of payments made to every service for every student.
  • Payments do not bounce.
  • Reduces paper ‘waste’
  • Allows for easy and quick refunds to be made back to the payment card.
  • Improves communication between the school and parents concerning payments.
  • Offers a more efficient payment collection process, reducing the amount of money held on school premises.


How do you get started?

When your child joins our school we will send you an activation letter containing your activation details to enable you to set up your ParentPay account.

If you have more than one child at a ParentPay school/s you can add them to a single account, providing one login for all children at ParentPay schools.

Everything you need to know is explained on your activation letter however, if you are struggling to set up your account please do not hesitate to ring or pop into the school office for support. 




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