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Multi-cultural links

In our 2019-2020 Food for Life plan we decided to explore multi-cultural food in school. Working closely with Mr Nutt our school Chef we have put together some events that will give children and parents the opportunity to try new foods. 


Theme Description  When
French  Parents are invited to join us for a French themed breakfast hosted in the school hall.  TBC
Italian Parents are invited to an afternoon cooking session where you will make your own pizzas.  TBC
Mexican Parents are invited to try Trailblazers Mexican food linked with their topic 'Hola Mexico'  TBC


Greek day

Philosophers had an amazing Greek day and got to try lots of new foods on their pittas! 


Hola Mexico


Over the past year Westhouses Primary has been hard at work growing their own vegetables (with the help of Gardening club), running cooking club after school and even cooking alongside topics. Trailblazers did an amazing job cooking their Mexican creations on 'Hola Mexico' day with Miss Ulba.