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Doehill Country Park

Doe Hill County Park


A small committee of local residents has formed to assist the Parish Council, in promoting awareness and improve facilities at the park.


Among the suggestions put forward are new signs, to make the park more visible and make people aware of its suitability for picnicking, walking, running, cycling, fishing and skateboarding.


Although the residents of Blackwell have access to the Park along Gloves Lane, there is no safe access for the residents of Westhouses.


Railtrack are to be approached, to allow a footpath along the northern side of the railway, emerging at Gloves Lane.  (The suggested access would be from the Alfreton Road Bridge at Westhouses.)


We believe that the application to Railtrack would be more successful, if supported by a petition from residents.  It would be much appreciated, therefore, if you could sign the petition outside the school office.


Many Thanks

Ronnie Cowan