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Wonderful Work

Ruby W has been really busy! Take a look at her fantastic art work. She has also been exploring her family tree and how to greet people in German. Well done, keep up the great work!

Take a look at Liam's self portrait. He has worked hard to think about proportion, shading and adding detail. Great work!

Emmi decided she wanted to do something nice for other children so she spent the day making her own slime to give away. She even wiped everything down with antibacterial wipes. Well done Emmi - what a wonderful thing to do for others: a real Trailblazer!

Have a look at some of our brilliant posters all about the Maya!

George's poster all about the Maya.
Xander's poster all about the Maya.

Dylan has worked really hard to create his own travel booklet all about Mexico and its culture. Looks great! Well done!

Take a look at Conner's amazing leaflet all about Mexico!

Jess's wonderful report all about the Arctic and Antarctic.


How do people use the Arctic?


If you don’t know, this is how you are going to find out.


People work in the Arctic, extracting oil and gas from rich deposits beneath the permafrost,  working  in tourism, or conducting research. Other people in the Arctic still live in small villages much the way their ancestors did. Arctic people today face many changes to their homes and environment.


The extreme Arctic climate makes the region a forbidding place to travel and a challenging place to live so I don’t recommend going there. Even so, people have found ways to live and explore there. Wow that’s amazing.


Fun fact of the day: Antarctica holds the most fresh water in the world, so if you are running out of water (which I hope you’re not )go to Antarctica. That’s you’re fun fact of the day.


Ok that’s it for today folks, hope you’re having the best of times!