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Wonderful Work

Joseph B has been extremely creative this week, have a look at his work!

Rowan has been super busy this week, look at her amazing creations!

Mason has been busy, take a look at all his hard work!

Look at Layla's amazing keyhole artwork!

Take a look at Connor's work to find out all about the journey of a river!

Look at Rowan's amazing keyhole artwork!

Layla has made a Rivers themed wordsearch for you to have a go at!

Check out Joe B's fantastic keyhole artwork!

Joseph B has been learning all about solids, liquids and gases! Excellent work Joe!

Elsie has been busy making a brilliant bird feeder!

Rory created a fantastic poster to review his learning on Rainforests!

Check out Sofia's keyhole inspire art! She has based it on what she would like to be in the future - a pioneer!

Elsie created a unicorn boat for our 'Rivers' topic!

Elsie has become a scientist during lockdown! See if you can spot the cloud she made in her jar - look very closely!

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Rowan has been learning some new Spanish phrases!

Rowan has wrote 2 fantastic stories, have a read of them below!

Connor has been learning some new French phrases!

Connor has been busy doing some excellent writing, have a read!

Elsie has also been busy building a brilliant bridge! Look at how much weight it was able to hold!

Have a look at Mason's fantastic bridge! It managed to hold: a bowl full of coins, a bottle of washing up liquid and a turtle pizza bike!

Lilly has been determined to achieve her goal this week, she has finally become a Rock Legend!

Layla has been teaching herself Spanish this week, see if you can use Layla's poster to teach yourself some new phrases!

Mason wrote a beautiful story using the floating bottle image as inspiration! Have a read of his work!

Sofia has been taking part in some of the golf activities this week!

Sofia has been busy exploring a new career as a bricklayer, she has created her own cave out of mud and stones!

Luke has been busy constructing a bridge out of lego!

Check out Lilly's fantastic writing, she used the image of the floating bottle as her inspiration!

Layla created a bridge as part of our 'rivers' topic, look at what her bridge managed to hold!

Mason tried some coding, watch the video to see what he created!

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