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Week 8

Welcome to the home learning for the week beginning Monday 19th October.


Please down load the zip files, and use them to follow the timetable below which is the same learning we will be looking at in school. When your Explorer returns to school, they will be able to fit straight back in with their learning. 



English Task

Reading Task

Maths Task

Day 1

Last week, we watched the Wallace and Gromit film, ‘A grand day out!’

Today, you will be reading the example diary entry with an adult and hunting the key vocabulary.

Then, you will discuss and answer the comprehension questions linked to the text.

Each day please could you read your school book or a book with an adult at home.


During the week, it is also important to continue learning phonics.


Go to the Phonics play website and play the free phonics games for phase 5. Picnic on Pluto is a good game to practice real and nonsense words. This weeks focus is: split o_e, u_e, i_e and e_e. 




This week for maths please could you follow this link if your child is a year 1:




And this link if your child is a year 2:





Complete one lesson per day by watching the video and completing the corresponding worksheet in the maths zip folder below.


Look at the titles of the worksheets for the order of the lessons.


This week Year 2 will be completing Week 6 lessons.


This week Year 1 will be completing week 7 lessons.

Day 2

Today, you will be planning your own journey into space. Download the worksheet to complete today’s activity.

Day 3

Today, you will begin to write your very own diary entry! Tell me about your journey to space and what you found! You could write this on paper at home or on the computer. 


Day 4

Continue and finish your diary entry today. When you are ready, read your work aloud. You could record it or take a picture of your work to send to me.

[email protected].

Day 5


 For Topic this week, follow the link below to access many lessons relating to our space topic. https://classroom.thenational.academy/units/space-c457