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Week 6


English Task

Reading Task

Maths Task

Day 1

Today, we will be focusing on grammar words that we have been learning this term. Look at the word class ppt below to learn about nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs. Then, you could complete the word class sorting activity. You could create your own word class activity using scrap paper or a notepad to reduce printing.

Each day please could you read your school book or a book with an adult at home.


During the week, it is also important to continue learning phonics. Log on to purple mash to access your child’s weekly spelling focus and spellings.


Go to the Phonics play website and play the free phonics games for phase 5. Picnic on Pluto is a good game to practice real and nonsense words.






This week for maths please could you follow this link if your child is a year 2:





Complete one lesson per day by watching the video and completing the corresponding worksheet in the maths folder below.


Look at the titles of the worksheets for the order of the lessons.


This week Year 2 will be completing Week 11 lessons


This week Year 1 will be consolidating and assessing the work that has been completed this half term.


Complete the questions on the maths ppts.
Complete one each day. On Friday, spend time working on any areas your child found challenging.  


Day 2

Today, we are learning to predict! Look at the document below for Tuesday 8th December – predicting. Look at the pictures, and write three things that you think will happen. Challenge yourself by explaining why you think those things will happen.

Day 3


Today, you are going to be watching Excitable Edgar! While you are watching have a think about the following questions:  Why is Edgar so upset in the story? Why do people not want him around? Why is he happy in the end? Why did he lock himself away? How do we know the girl is his friend? Discuss these questions after. Draw pictures of the moments Edgar felt sad, and write a sentence explaining why.

Day 4


Today, in class we will be exploring the story using drama activities such as still images, thought tracking and hot seating.

Why don’t you have a go at home? Download the instructions for Thursday 10th December.

Day 5

After all your hard work this week, you should be able to tell me so much about Edgar! Download the comprehension worksheet below. Note to parents: Choose the difficulty level that you think would suit your child. There are three options.




Follow the link to the fifth lesson about materials.




In school this week, we will be learning about the battle of Hastings! Look at the pdf below to tell the story of the battle. You could mix the pictures up, and see if you could put them in the correct order.