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Week 5 W/C 4th May





Day 1

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhmqiEXe8dc The link above is a video of the book Oliver’s Vegetables, this week’s activities will be based around this book.


Can you write a letter to your grandparents to find out if they used to grow vegetables and what they used to grow and eat?


Each day please could you read your school book or a book with an adult at home.


During the week, it is also important to continue learning phonics on https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk/.


The sounds for you to practise this week are below:


Monday – igh

Tuesday - oa

Wednesday – oo/oo

Thursday – ow

Friday – oi


Spellings for the week.









Here is a link to some daily phonics lessons from Mr Mac. https://www.youtube.com/channel


This week for maths please aim to complete 1 maths activity per day from the following options.


Option 1:  Follow this link to find a video lesson for Summer Term W/C 4th April. There should be a different video and activity for each day!






Option 2: Oak National Academy are uploading 5 lessons each week that you may like to use. https://www.thenational.academy/




Option 3: Don’t forget, you can play games on numbots and purple mash.

Day 2

Can you write me 5 of your favourite foods and why they are your favourite foods?


You could draw them as well.

Day 3

Can you write me a shopping list of the things you get from the shop?

Day 4

Can you write a recipe that you make using some of your favourite foods?

Day 5

Below is a cut and stick document for the life cycle of a plant.


The children don’t have to print this out you could get them draw the pictures instead of cutting them out. Below is a picture to help support this activity.


Life Cycle of a Plant