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Week 4


English Task

Reading Task

Maths Task

Day 1

Today, at school, the children will be receiving a letter from Bob. Read this letter at home with your explorer. Then, using paper, card, pencils, felt tips, sticky notes… write notes that you think would be on Bob’s notice board.

e.g. A reminder/note from Wendy, a letter from a customer, a list of items to buy, a time table, a calendar. Let your imagination run wild!

Each day please could you read your school book or a book with an adult at home.


During the week, it is also important to continue learning phonics.


Go to the Phonics play website and play the free phonics games for phase 2.


Picnic on Pluto is a good game to practice real and nonsense words.


Pick a picture is perfect for practicing writing with phase 2 sounds.




We also sing the Jolly Phonics songs every day! 

In maths, you will be recapping learning that we have already begun at school.


Follow the link to find the home learning section on the White Rose website.

Please complete an activity each day for, ‘Light and Dark Week 1’.  





Day 2

Bob has pinned a letter to the pin board overnight thanking the children for all their hard work. But, he wonders if they could help him! Roley has accidentally rolled over all of the safety cones! Now they can’t place them around an area to warn people not to enter it, so they can’t keep people safe.

Can you follow the blue print instructions below to make new cones? 

Day 3

Oh Dear. The blue prints that you used to make the cones were thrown in the bin and damaged! How is Bob going to be able to use these now?


Can we remember the instructions? What did we do first? Second? After that? Recap how you made the cones yesterday. Can you draw each step together and verbally rehearse the instructions?

Day 4

This may take a little pre-planning! Oh dear, clumsy Bob was trimming your fabulous instruction pictures last night, but he dropped them and they are now in the wrong order! Can your explorer figure out which order they should go in? As you do, add time words to make sure they do not get mixed up again! First, Second, Third, Fourth…

Day 5

Today, you are going to have a go at writing one or two of the instruction sentences for Bob. E.g. Glue the cone or Cut the card. You could stick your pictures next to them!

In Topic, we are learning about different jobs, follow the link below to find three activities that you can do at home.  https://classroom.thenational.academy/units/people-who-help-us-police-officers-043a