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Week 4 W/C Monday 27th April

School closure – Week Commencing Monday 27th April 2020: Trailblazers


Tasks this week:

  • English tasksL complete research, write up and grammar task.
  • Reading task - on PurpleMash about the Mayans.
  • Maths tasks - TTRS, WhiteRose and MyMaths
  • Topic - complete 20 points (2 tasks)


More detail about your work is below...


English work:

Please complete the work below.



Year 5

Year 6


Writing (complete from Friday last week):

Find out about some important parts of Mexican culture!

Using the booklet, complete some research to find out about the following things:

  • Famous Mexican landmark
  • The highest place in Mexico
  • Famous building
  • Famous Mexican person
  • Patron Saint of Mexico
  • Famous Sportsperson
  • Famous actor or actress


We are going to use this information next week in a writing task.


Writing on Purple Mash:

Use your research:

  • Famous Mexican landmark
  • The highest place in Mexico
  • Famous building
  • Famous Mexican person
  • Patron Saint of Mexico
  • Famous Sportsperson
  • Famous actor or actress


Create a leaflet on Purple Mash Remember to include some key Y5/6 grammar punctuation and spelling features.


You have 3 days to complete so make sure you read through carefully and it is of a really high standard please.


If you are struggling to complete it on Purple Mash, do it in your book instead and email over a picture of your work by Friday please. Good luck!





Purple Mash Grammar:

Year 6: Circus Tricks (colons and commas)

Year 5: Synonyms and Antonyms




Reading Task:


Log onto PurpleMash and go to the Maya Slideshow 2Do. Make sure you read through this carefully, checking that you understand all of the key vocabulary - find out anything you are unsure of.


At the end of the slideshow, there is a task to complete. You will need to use what you have learnt from the slideshow to create a small poster about the Maya. Remember to include as much information as you can and use suitable Y5/6  punctuation. I would like to see some () -- ,, : and ; please!

Maths Activities:


Please complete your year group appropriate task from the table below. It is important that you complete these in the correct order as it all builds on one another. We are going to try and continue with what we should be learning in our usual maths lessons this week.


Each lesson has an accompanying video on the following website: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/


Please click on your year group and you will see the lesson videos there.


Complete these tasks in your red exercise book.


Once you have finished, you can check your answers using the answer sheets, which are on the website above, under the videos.



Year 5

Week 3 (Summer Term Week 1) - Decimals

Year 6

Week 3 (Summer Term Week 1) - Angles


Lesson 1 - Step 1 - Adding decimals within 1

Lesson 1 – Vertically opposite angles


Lesson 2 - Step 2 - Subtracting decimals within 1

Lesson 2 – Angles in a triangle


Lesson 3 - Step 3 - Complements to 1

Lesson 3 – Angles in a triangle - special cases


Lesson 4 - Step 4 - Adding decimals - crossing the whole

Lesson 4 – Angles in a triangle – missing angles


MyMaths Task

MyMaths Task


The White Rose Documents are also on last week’s page with some reasoning and problem solving tasks if you want an extra challenge: the titles match up with the lessons in the table above. Complete these in your book too.


Please send me a message if you are unsure about these tasks and I will help where I can!



There is also one MyMaths task, which will to check your understanding of the work this week.



Below is a new topic menu, all about our new topic – Rights and Responsibilities.

This topic will focus on the USA, Mexico and the Mayan Civilisation.


Complete another 20 points worth of activities from below this week. These tasks will continue for the next few weeks too.

Please make sure you do a mixture of subjects please.


Science: Who was Libbie Hyman? (10 points)


Complete the fact file (placed on the website) about Libbie Hyman.

Geography: American landscape (10 points)


Draw your own map of the USA, labelling some of the key geographical features, such as mountains, rivers etc.

Art: Portraits (10 points)


We are going to be creating portraits in the style of Frida Kahlo. Practice creating a self-portrait. Use the PowerPoint on the website, ensuring you think about proportion and shades to make it look realistic.

History: American Civil Rights (10 points)


Find out about Rosa Parks. Write a diary from her perspective explaining what happened and how she felt.

Music: Salsa (10 points)


Find a piece of Salsa music that you like. Write down all of the instruments you can hear. How does the music make you feel? Show me in an interesting way.



PSHE: Relationships (10 points)


Create your own family tree – go back as far as you can.




Create the family tree of a celebrity.

History: The Mayans (10 points)


Create a timeline of the Mayan Civilisation. Include the key events, and try to illustrate it appropriately.

Maths: Times Tables Rock Stars (10 points)


Complete 10 activities on TTRS. Maybe set a challenge for someone else in our class.

Computing: Blogging(10 points)


Log on to Purple Mash and use 2blog.


Create a blog with 3 different entries. It should be about something you have found out all about the USA, Mexico or the Mayans.

Science: Classification of invertebrates. (10 points)


Create a fact sheet about one of the following creatures:

  • Seven spotted ladybird
  • Japanese spider crab
  • Common octopus
  • Purple sunstar
  • Lion’s mane jellyfish
  • Peacock butterfly

Tell me about the invertebrate, where its habitat is and how it can be classified.

Languages: Duolingo (10 points)


Pick a language from the Duolingo App/ Website. Create a welcome poster for our classroom in that language. Include some important key phrases.

Computing: Quiz (10 points)


Log onto Purple Mash. Using 2Quiz, create a quiz for other children in our class about Mexico. Use as many different types of questions as you can.


If you need a worksheet, it may be on week 3's page. Send me a message on Purple Mash if you can't find it!