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Week 4 W/C 27th April

Please find below a time table for week 4 of home learning. Please get in touch with any questions if you have them. 





Day 1


We are continuing to complete work about the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar this week.


Listen to the story or read the story again using the link above.


Create a food diary of what you have had to eat today. Can you write if your foods are healthy or unhealthy? Maybe you could carry this on through the week?

Each day please could you read your school book or a book with an adult at home.


During the week, it is also important to continue learning phonics on https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk/.


The sounds for you to practise this week are below:


Monday – ure

Tuesday- er

Wednesday – air

Thursday – ur

Friday - ear


Here is a link to some daily phonics lessons from Mr Mac. https://www.youtube.com/


This week for maths please aim to complete 1 maths activity per day from the following options.


Option 1:  Follow this link to find maths activities for Summer Term W/C 27th April. There should be a different activity for each day!





Option 2: Oak National Academy are uploading 5 lessons each week that you may like to use. https://www.thenational.academy




Option 3: Don’t forget, you can play games on numbots and purple mash.

Day 2

Write the days of the week on a piece of paper cut them up and then place them in order remember to look at the sounds to help you read the words.


You could use the book to help you write the words.

Day 3

Can you draw your own caterpillar and then label the parts of his body? You could use the internet to help you do this. Write a sentence underneath, what is your caterpillars name? and what is its favourite food?


If you enjoyed doing this try and draw a butterfly and label the parts.

Day 4

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1S8WzwLPlM Here is a video telling you about the lifecycle of a butterfly. Can you create a diagram to show each stage of the cycle? Then, label and draw pictures of this.

Day 5




ab06d68661bda740f00eb26e75d016926e4d5849f The caterpillar grows and changes into a butterfly. Can you write in each wing of the butterfly something that you would like to be when you grow up?

Take a look at this website for craft ideas https://www.theinspirationedit.com/



Can you spot any butterflies in your garden or on a walk? Try and draw them and their beautiful patterns.


Cut a potato in half dip it in paint and create your own caterpillar by printing on paper.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PG2cPqLpKc watch this video for butterfly facts.


Can you sort the foods in your cupboards/fridge what is healthy and what is unhealthy?