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Week 3 W/C 20th April



Here is your work for week 3, please have a careful read of the timetable. 


Once again, if you have any issues please feel free to get in touch. 


Mrs Ramsdale. 

Before completing your English task this week, look back at the plan that you created before the Easter Break and read the example of a recount from week 2 of home learning. This week we will be having a go at writing your own recount!


English Task

Reading Task

Maths Task

Topic Task

Day 1

Write your opening paragraph on the purple mash 2do: Your opening paragraph.

Each day please could you read your school book or a book with an adult at home.


During the week, it is also important to continue learning phonics. Games to help with alternative sounds this week are: Acorn Adventures, Cheeky chimps and flash cards.


Mrs Ramsdale’s Group focus on: alternative pronunciations of ‘ea’ and ‘a’.


Mrs Tucker’s Group focus on: alternative ‘or’ sounds.

E.g. I thought she was four. Come to stay for the whole of August. A cat with small paws sat by my door.

A good link to practice this is below.




The weekly spellings are also now available on the home learning website page.

This week for maths please could you follow this link if your child is a year 1:




And this link if your child is a year 2:





Complete one lesson per day for the week 2 lessons. Make sure you are completing WEEK 2. Watch the video lesson, and record the answers to the activity in your yellow book.


Don’t forget to use numbots and times table rockstars during the week as well!

It is a new term, and so a new topic! Have a look at the new BINGO tasks below.


You should aim to earn 20 points each week by completing some of the topic tasks listed on the BINGO chart.



Day 2

Today, write your next section on your purple mash 2do: What did you see?

Day 3

Today, write your final section on your purple mash 2do: Describing the creature!

Day 4

Today, be on the lookout on purple mash! I will have sent each 2do task back to you to improve something in your writing!

Day 5

Today, spend time writing your final draft of your recount in your yellow book. When you have finished, take a picture of your writing and send it to me on 2email on purple mash.