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Week 2

Here are the links and resources for week 2! Please aim to complete 1 Maths Activity, 1 Literacy Activity and 1 Phonics Activity each day! Additionally, aim to share a story together at least twice a day to keep up the love of reading. 


Maths Learning in Week 2! 

Here are some options for maths work this week. Please choose which ever activities suit you at home. Mix and match from the options below, but aim to complete 1 maths activity per day. 


Option 1 (5 lessons/activities)https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/early-years/


This week you could follow the link above to White Rose Maths. You will find 5 short video lessons and 5  short activities linked to the lessons. All of these activities are based around eggs! So, if you have an egg box and some eggs you can get creative with practical maths. 


Option 2: Log on to your child's purple mash account. Click on 2do's. There are 3 number games that have been set for you to play this week! 


Option 3:  https://play.numbots.com/?#/account/school-login/69438  Follow this link to play on numbots! This is a fabulous website to practice number work. Your child's password is in the front of their reading diary. 


Phonics Learning in Week 2! 


Phonics! Aim to complete 1 phonics activity a day. 


These video links will take you to Mr Mc. He is a funny teacher who will take you through a phonics lesson. There are two available at the minute, but I will post more links as he creates more lessons. 




For the next 3 phonics activities, log on to phonics play using the link on the main home learning page. Play lots of phonics games with a focus on phase 3 sounds. You may decide to focus on 'ar' and 'or' which are the sounds focused on in the lessons above. 


Literacy Learning in Week 2!


Let's write a diary and keep in touch on tapestry! Each day draw or take a picture of you doing something exciting, and write a sentence about it. Post it to me on tapestry each day to build up a week long diary! 

You could write: " My favourite thing I did today was... "


I will write back to you! Then, on Friday you could look back and read your work. You will have a whole week of diary entries to look at and enjoy. 


Exciting Activities! 

Once your learning time is finished, why not enjoy one of these exciting activities! 


• Baking- look at the numbers on the recipe can the children spot any words, sounds or letter they know, using scales together, maybe try a new food or flavour if possible.

• Gardening- plant seeds with the children count these as you plant them.

• Look for mini beasts- draw a picture of what you have found and label. If you see a butterfly, look at the life cycle of this.

• Make an assault course for the children to run around.

• Read to your children outside.


As always, please get in touch if you have any questions about the learning this week! Have fun.