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Week 1 W/C 1st June

Hello Explorers, 


I hope you are feeling well rested after your week off of home learning. Our new topic is Rainbow Recipes! If you haven't already, have a look at the topic words and sticky knowledge document below. It is an outline of our topic, with the vocabulary words that we will be focusing on this term. 


As usual, there is a timetable for your morning learning, and a BINGO topic plan for your afternoon learning. 



Mrs Ramsdale.  


English Task

Reading Task

Maths Task

Day 1


Follow the link to watch Handa’s Surprise. Then, log onto purple mash and complete the 2do: Handa’s Quiz.

Each day please could you read your school book or a book with an adult at home.


During the week, it is also important to continue learning phonics. Mrs Ramsdale’s Group focus on: alternative pronunciations of ‘ch’. Follow the link, and look at Sentences phase 5c. Look at week 9 and spot the different sounds ch can make.




Mrs Tucker’s Group focus on the ‘zh’ phoneme. Which may seem a little confusing. But, it is the sound that is made in all of these words: treasure, visual, television, usual, measure, casual, pleasure, beige, leisure.


They are a little difficult to practice other than reading and writing them in sentences. Follow the link above, find sentences 5C and look at week 29.


Use the spellings documents below to test yourself at home.

This week for maths please could you follow this link if your child is a year 1:




And this link if your child is a year 2:





Complete one lesson per day for the Week Commencing 1st June.


Watch the video lesson, follow the link to bbcbitesize and complete the suggested activities. 


Don’t forget to use numbots and times table rockstars during the week as well! You could also complete the daily bbc bitesize lessons if you wish for an extra challenge.

Day 2

Re-watch the video of the story before starting today. Then, log onto purple mash and complete the 2do: Sequence the pictures. Once you have done that, practice telling the story aloud ready for tomorrow.

Day 3

Today, you are going to begin re-telling the story in your own words. Below, there is a document with pictures of the story and lines to write on. You could print this, and write the story, or you could delete the lines and type under the pictures instead.

Day 4

Day 5

Today, you are going to plan your own version of Handa’s surprise. However, we are going to change a few things! 1. This time you can choose who will be walking, and who they will be visiting. E.g. Daisy is walking to see her Grandma.

2. Secondly, you can choose the fruit that would be in the basket. Think about fruit that could be grown in the UK.

3. Lastly, you can choose the animals! Think about animals that you would see in this country. Have a look at the video link below, then use the document below or a piece of paper to draw your own story map.