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Week 1 - 4th January


English Task

Reading Task

Maths Task

Day 1


Each day please could you read your school book or a book with an adult at home.


During the week, it is also important to continue learning phonics.


We are now working on Phase 3 Phonemes. You can practice by singing the jolly phonics songs each day (it only takes 5 minutes) Jolly Phonics Phase three on Vimeo


Go to the Phonics play website and play the free phonics games for phase 2.


Picnic on Pluto is a good game to practice real and nonsense words.


Pick a picture is perfect for practicing writing with phase 2 sounds.


This week we will be recapping ‘ure’ ‘ear’ and ‘air’


We will also be learning the tricky word ‘they’


Day 2

Read ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ or watch the read-aloud version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgdfofQegaM


Which was your favourite animal?

Draw a picture of your favourite animal and label it or write a sentence to say why it is your favourite.

How many legs does a ladybird have? How many spots? Do you know any other creatures with 6 legs? Use counters to add 6 spots to the other ladybirds. Can you find more than one way to do it?


Draw templates of ladybirds. Draw on the legs and spots in different ways.

Day 3

Read or listen to Rumble in the Jungle again.


Ask the child some questions about the story.

  1. Can you hear any words that rhyme?
  2. Which animal said they eat fleas?
  3. Why does the leopard want to be called ‘sir’?
  4. What is the title of the book? Where is it? Can you point to the word ‘Rumble’ in the title?
  5. Which animal makes others shiver? Why?


Follow the link to find the home learning section on the White Rose website.

Please complete an activity today for, ‘Alive in 5! Week 3’. 



Day 4

Practise reading and writing they.


Open the powerpoint of animal riddles.

Read each riddle and allow children time to guess what the animal might be. Click to reveal.

Provide a range of small resources 6,7 and 8 of the same thing.

Put them onto tens frames. How can you tell quickly how many there are?

See below for tens frame

Day 5

Write a “Who Am I?” riddle about an animal of your choice.


6,7,8 aliens cut out activity (please download)

Cut and stick the representations in the correct place.

Don't worry if you can't print,
Don't worry if you can't print,
just ask the child to tell you the
number for each one they see 
on the screen.

Other ideas and activities

In Topic, we are learning about animals or vets.  Watch an episode of Vet Tales. Talk about all the ways the vet helped the animal. You could write a list of ways they helped.

BBC iPlayer - Ferne and Rorys Vet Tales - Series 1: 1. Willow the Dog


In the classroom, we will be looking for the numbers 6, 7 and 8 around the room. We will be using rulers to measure and scales to weigh. You could try this at home too.


Tens frame