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Today's English task will take the rest of the morning and the afternoon. Make sure this is done to a high standard.


Task 1:

We are going to create our own magical creature. First, I would like you to draw your creature and label it with noun phrases to describe it.


Challenge: Write a paragraph or two to describe the creature. Can you include a variety of sentence types too?


Task 2:

Use the WAGOLL text (a copy is below) to plan out each paragraph of your information text. You should tell me:

  • What your creature is,
  • Where it lives,
  • What it eats,
  • What its enemies are,
  • How it protects itself,
  • How the young are born


Task 3:

Now write your information text all about the creature. Include:

  • Key grammar features(relative clauses, noun phrases, adverbials...)
  • High-level punctuation like semi colons and brackets
  • High-level vocabulary
  • Diagrams, which are labelled.
  • It should be at least 1 and a half page long.