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Thursday 1st April

Reading Lesson and Tasks

English Lesson and Task:


You will have been sent specific feedback on your legend through either SeeSaw or Teams. Spend time today acting on this, by editing and improving your work.


You should:

  1. Look at the feedback - what have you been asked to check or change?
  2. Check off your success steps. If you've missed any, use this time to get those features added in.
  3. Check spelling carefully - use a dictionary and correct.
  4. Check your punctuation - is it accurate? Have you used high level punctuation?
  5. Do you think you have enough detail? Add in any bits you think are missing.
  6. High level language - have you used show not tell? Have you carefully chosen words for effect?


If you finish this quickly, have a go at this Oak Academy lesson focusing on sentence types.


Spelling - scroll to the next set of slides after yesterday's lesson.



This term you have spent time exploring metre. Today will recap your learning and go a bit deeper into time signatures. To access this lesson, please follow the link below: