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Summer Term 2, Week 6 (W/C Monday 6th July)

Summer Term 2: Week 6 - Home Learning


Please read the document below, which explains how your home learning will happen this half term. Each subject has its own page, which outlines the work you need to do and where you can find it.


Some tasks will be in you red book, some takes need to be done on SeeSaw.


This term, I am going to set you work for each morning (English, Maths and Reading) as well as usual afternoon lesson too - these will be different each week. Try and do as much as you can; aim to do at least 2 of the lessons please. 


This means, you should do all of the morning lessons, and a minimum of 2 of the afternoon tasks.


Now look at the instructions document below before starting your work - otherwise you will not know what to do for each task!

This week's instructions are...

Guided Reading
All of your guided reading tasks are uploaded to SeeSaw each morning. Log in and upload your work/ answers each day please.



All work is uploaded to SeeSaw each morning. Please log in and complete your work each day, then upload as you are asked to.


Afternoon Lessons:

The tasks below are 'afternoon' lessons. You should complete at least 2 of these lessons this week please - you can decide which lessons you would like to do. You can of course do more than two if you wish.


When you have completed a topic task, please upload to SeeSaw, just take a picture of your work and add a new post.


We have been exploring totem poles and designing our own. This week, I would like you to have a go at making a totem pole model. It can be out of cardboard, plasticine = whatever you have! Make sure you get permission first please! Take a picture of your work and send it in!



This week, have a go at helping a parent make a meal. How did you ensure it was healthy and balanced?

Write the menu and a set of instructions to explain how to make the meal. Don’t forget to take pictures and upload to SeeSaw too!


Geography and History:

This week, I would like you to find out all about one City or State in the USA. Create a presentation all about it, focussing on the key human and geographical features, what the state is famous for, landmarks etc… You could look at:

  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Nashville
  • Florida
  • Texas
  • Alaska