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Summer 2019

This term our learning will be based around...


Crime and Punishment Through Time.



Take a look at how crimes and their punishments have changed from the Roman period to today.


How are criminals caught?

How has this changed?

Why do people say ‘Off with their head?’

What would happen if you gossiped in the past?

Were the punishments fair?



This half term we will focus our writing work on our Topic. We will be writing the following text types:

  • Recounts
  • Newspaper and Police reports
  • Balanced arguments
  • Letters
  • Grammar Revision


We will be reading Murder most unladylike and Holes, which we will base our work from.


In grammar we will continue to revise key objectives and begin to consolidate our understanding of word classes and sentence structure. We will also continue with our daily spelling and reading lessons.



Year 5 – children will work on their knowledge of shape, position and direction. We will the spend some time revising fractions, decimals and percentages.


Year 6 children will also continue their preparation for their SATs assessments by practising key mathematical skills. Once these have been completed, we will begin to work on transitional projects where they will revise key areas of Maths and begin reasoning and problem solving projects.


Topic (History and Geography):

This half term will focus Crime and Punishment, and how it hanged through time.


We will compare how different crimes were punished and will also work with the local police to look at some ways the police catch people who have committed crimes.



We are focusing on Electricity and how we can use in to create games.


We will also begin to explore how our body changes as we get older. This will link to our PSHE work too.



Creative (Art, DT, Computing and Music):

  • In DT we will design and create our own electronic games.
  • In music, we will begin to explore musical notation as well as preparing for our end of year production.
  • In computing we will continue to revise coding.



Wednesday – Athletics and Tennis

Friday – Paceball



  • We will investigate view of God and how we can make the world a better place.
  • In PSHE, we will focus on dreams and goals and changes of the body.