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Spring Term 2020

This half term, our learning is based around the topic:


We will explore different climate zones and compare the Arctic and Antarctic. during the half term, we will also explore the impact our actions have on the environment, and why the climate of arctic areas effect weather in the UK and around the world.



Year 5 - Fractions, Decimals and Percentages.

Year 6 -  Algebra, Units of measure (metric and imperial), Area, Perimeter and Volume and Ratio.



We will continue to consolidate our understanding of key grammar, punctuation and spelling patterns. 


In our writing, we will explore life aboard the Titanic, writing Newspaper Articles, Postcards and Diary entries.


During our guided reading sessions, we will continue to practice key skills using our daily reading VIPERS tasks and questions.



We will explore climate zones, lined of latitude and longitude and the impact of human activity on the Arctic and Antarctic.



We will explore Plants, focusing on how new plants are made, how they grow and the work of Jane Goddall. We will also compare the life cycle of plants, animals and humans.



We will continue to explore the work of Gustav Holst, and his music based around the planets.



We will develop our understanding of coding, by using Scratch and PurpleMash.



We will explore using sketching pencils and watercolours to recreate winter landscape art.



Monday - Basketball

Wednesday - Dodgeball



Pilgrimages - we will compare and contrast Pilgrimages in different religions and explore the reasons they are completed, and the impact they have on believers.



Healthy me - we will explore the impact of our lifestyle choices, as well as the effect of drugs and alcohol on the body.

Spring Term 1 Vocabulary Pyramids - Use these to develop your knowledge of key vocabulary in our Science and Geography topics.

What will we be learning during Spring Term 1?

Our World and Beyond




Is there something out there, beyond our solar system?

Can our Earth continue to survive, if we carry on treating it the way that we do?

Why did people settle where we live today?


These are just a few questions that we will explore in our topic!



This half term we will focus our writing work on our Topic. We will be writing the following text types:

  • Information texts.
  • Diary and letter writing.
  • Narratives: space adventure stories.


In grammar we will continue to revise key objectives and begin to consolidate our understanding of word classes and sentence structure. We will also continue with our daily spelling and reading lessons.



Year 5 – This half term we will continue to explore written methods for multiplication and division. We will then move onto Fractions.


Year 6 – We will link our knowledge of fractions to decimals and percentages. We will then move onto exploring algebra, ratio and proportion.


We will also focus on our arithmetic skills and will continue to develop our reasoning and problem solving skills.


Topic (History and Geography):

This half term we will explore how we use natural resources and how our lives affect the planet we live on.



We are focusing on space. We will find out about our solar system, stars, the moon and why gravity is so important.


Creative (Art, DT, Computing and Music):

  • In DT, we will design and make moon buggies.
  • In music, we will explore Holst’s ‘The Planets’.
  • In computing we will investigate concept maps.



Wednesday – Dodgeball (Sports Hall)

Monday – Basketball (outdoor)



In RE, we will investigate how religions help us when life gets hard.

In PSHE, we will focus on dreams and goals.



Important Information/dates:

  • PE days are Wednesday (at Alfreton Leisure Centre) and Monday.
  • Homework will be handed out on Friday and is due back on Thursday: reading 3x per week, spellings/times tables and grammar/maths.