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Spring Term 1 Week 1 W/C 4th January 2021

Instructions for this week - please read.

English Grammar Starter Tasks - Whole Week

Challenge task: If you finish, look at the sentences from task 1. Can you re-writ them in the passive voice.


If you fancy an even bigger challenge, add one of these features in too!

  • relative clause
  • parenthesis
  • semi colon
  • colon
  • noun phrases


Challenge 2:

Review complex sentences using the Oak Academy lesson link below:



Spelling Tasks - the prefixes micro- and mini-

Challenge task 2:


Collect 20 different objects. how many different ways can you classify them? Challenge yourself further by using a branching diagram. Who can find the most ways to classify their objects? Take a picture of your ideas and upload to SeeSaw.