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Please follow this link to complete today's reading lesson through Oak Academy: 


Today, you will need to complete this research task to allow you to create the English task that follows.


You will need to find out all about Elizabeth Fry. I have given you some information to get you started, then you will need to do some additional research. Later today, you will use this information to write a biography about her - this will give you the chance to apply your learning from earlier in the term.

Task 1: 

Have a read though the WAGOLL of a biography. Remind yourself of the different features of these text types.


Task 2:

Once you are happy, have a go at writing your biography all about Elizabeth Fry. Make sure you use your research from earlier today. Also:

  • High-level vocabulary.
  • High-level punctuation: semi colons, colons, brackets etc.
  • Relative clauses and fronted adverbials.

Make sure you challenge yourself and show off your writing skills you have developed this year.


Your biography should be no less than a page and a half.