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Look at our Learning!

As part of out DT work, we have been exploring, designing and making our own Mexican style chilli! We learnt about food hygiene and the importance of being careful of cross contamination.

Take a sneak peak at one of the songs!

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We have began to prepare for our float at Newton carnival!

To celebrate the Platinum Jubilee, and for our picnic, we decorated royal-themed biscuits.

In art, we are exploring totem poles. We had a go at creating mini versions (or macquettes) of our designs to identify and solve any problems we may come across when we make our final, full-sized designs.

We had a taster session with Derbyshire Cricket Club today.

In science, we have been exploring how seeds are dispersed by plants. We investigated how wind, animals and explosions can distribute seeds to grow offspring.

As part of our WW2 unit, we visited the Holocaust Memorial Museum. We exlpored the journey taken by some Jewish people before the war began, and how some children came to Britain as a refugee as part of the Kindertransport programme. We also had the chance to speak to a survivor from the Netherlands, who gave a recount of his experiences.

We explored, prepared, cooked and tasted a range of dishes inspired by WW2 - including using some of the rationing recipes! Some were a hit, others were not!

In computing, we have been learning how to use crumbles. To end our unit, we created carousels which were controlled by the programmed crumble kits.

RAF Space Challenge - We became aerospace engineers!

Trailblazers have been doing some mini leaders training!

In science, we have been exploring ways to separate mixtures using sieving, filtration, magnets and tweezers.

Merry Christmas from Trailblazers!

We have been learnng all about the work of Andrew Macara and Marion Prentice in our art lessons. We used their styles to inspire the designs of our Christmas cards. They turned out extremely effective!

To prepare for next week, we gathered wood and kindling for our fire and prepared the fire pit area. We also practised our knot and plaiting skills by creating friendship breacelets.

This week in Forest School we have been developing our teamwork and communication skills through various outdoor games.

We made the most of the snow in Science today! We explored which materials would be the best insulators, so that they didn't melt as quickly. We had lots of fun while also developing our Scientific Enquiry skills!

The Mighty Creatives came into school to create Christmas tree decorations to display at Blackwell Nursing Home. We created our decorations so they looked like they were inspired by The Grinch.

Today, Pupil Voice carried out a lesson in class as part of Parliament Week. We learnt all about the law, why we have them and thought about whether all laws were fair.

Forest School Week 2 - team games and journey sticks.

Forest School Week 1 - Creating remembrance models for the village memorial.

In science, we have been investigating how different meteors may create different sized impact craters. We decided whether to explore height of fall, angle of impact or the weight of the meteor.

Artist, Emma, came into school to lead a workshop all about sculpture. We then had a go at using different lights to photograph our sculptures too!

On Thursday, we visited Magna Science Park with Philosophers. We explored the four elements and took part in a space workshop, which involved stars, rockets and fire!

Rocket launch!

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Rocket fuel investigation at Magna.

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We are proud to announce that last night our football team won the Year 5/6 tournament - go Team Westhouses!