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Look at our learning!

First aid training year 5 and 6

We took part in a court workshop at the Galleries of Justice. We explored the importance of our online presence and actions and how it could affect our future.

This half term, we are using our knowledge of electricity to create our own electrical games. To start the unit off, we have explore the function, materials and aesthetics of electronic games.

As part of our PE sessions during the summer term, we have begun exploring he skills involved in archery.

We explored creating truss bridges out of spaghetti and tape.

In D.T., we are exploring bridges and structures. Today, we have been applying our knowledge of ways to strengthen materials. We applied this to what we know about beam and arch bridges to see who could make the strongest structure.

In English, we created poetry describing what could have happened if a Martian weed invaded the planet! We explored figurative language and had a go at applying it to our work.

Well done to our Basketball Team! After progressing through to the Small School Final, they won again! They are now heading to the District Final at Alfreton Leisure Centre. Well done everyone!

In science, we explored how fungi reproduce by spore dispersal. We set up an investigation and come to conclusions using our observations.

We adjusted the coding to create a nicer, more pleasant sound!

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We explored turning light levels to noise. It created an interesting sound...

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We used our knowledge of programming and Micro:bits to explore the light level in the classroom. Using this, we then turned our data into music and sounds.

Can you guess the song we had a go at programming using the Micro:bits?

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We had a workshop with Conductive Music exploring and using Micro:bits to compose music.

An artist from Platform31 comes to work with us today to gather our opinions on Alfreton, art and creativity. We learnt about using recording equipment and audio devices to help gather ideas.

Forest School Week 4: This week we have been developing our knowledge of knots, ready for a secret mission next week...

Forest School Week 3: We built dens to shelter from the rain and had a go at constructing a fire to boil water.

Forest School Week 2: We went to the stream to collect for the fire next week. We also explored the area and got very muddy!

We worked with Philosophers to create tributes for the village war memorial, which we will take and place during Remembrance Day.

Take a look at our remembrance art display.

Today we took part in an art workshop to create Christmas decorations for the community garden.

Today we took part in an intra-school competition with the School Sports Partnership. We had a go at futsall, learnt the rules and played a mini competition.

Forest School Week 1: This week we developed and recapped rules, boundaries and the importance of teamwork. We made mazes and had a go at trying each other's designs.

We have begun our new science unit, exploring electricity! Today, we conducted an investigation all about static electricity.

We visited Eyam as part of our medicine topic.

Knowledge Week: Trailblazers and Philosophers tested one another’s knowledge about the Stone Age and electricity. Philosophers tested the Trailblazers’ knowledge and Trailblazers taught Philosophers all about electricity and circuits.

We took part in a dance workshop with Bemma, exploring African dance styles.

We have been exploring how our heart rate could be affected through exercise.

We have been learning all about the heart in science. Today we explored real lamb hearts by identifying the different parts as we dissected them.

DT - last week we explored different mechanisms in children's pop up and moving books. This week we are using our learning to create pages from the story of Jack and Jill, ready for when we create our own monster pop up books!

Paceball in action 2

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Paceball in action.

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Paceball week 2 - developing tactical thinking.

In PE, we began our Paceball sessions with Richard. This week, we explored the rules and had a go at the game, using the rules and developing tactics.

In science, we have been exploring different types of blood vessels. We have learnt that the larger the blood vessel, the faster the blood can travel through it. Using this, we found out how to keep blood vessels healthy.