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We have teamed up with the SSPs in Derbyshire (the Derbyshire Active Schools Network) and Active Derbyshire, to produce a weekly School Games sport-themed resource.


We have all been working on this since the lockdown announcement and we fully believe this will fill a gap for those pupils who are missing sport, missing leadership or those missing a competition.


Here is how it will work;

·         Each week will be based around a sport.

·        New sporting activities will be uploaded each week.

·         Each day of the week has a theme based on the sport, e.g. Workout Wednesday.

·         The activities and days aren’t prescriptive so pupils/families can do whichever activity they like on whatever day!

·         It is an interactive resource with hyperlinks built in so should be easily accessible to all. It can of course be printed out too.

·         Please note that some cards have been taken from the Golf Foundation where specific equipment is mentioned BUT you can be creative and improvise with equipment you have at home.


The key message is around getting those 60 active minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each day. This resource developed through the School Games network, aims to get pupils doing at least 30 minutes of that target each day. 


We appreciate every school are communicating differently so please use this resource how you see appropriate. There is no pressure for you to get involved but there are prizes up for grabs…..


OK this next bit is very important!

·         You will see on Friday’s there is an organised virtual competition.

·         The virtual competition is outlined on the ‘Friday Fun’ card.

·         For each sport, the virtual competition will always have a cultural element, rather than just based on physical skills. E.g. ‘design your own golf course’.

·         This way it is inclusive and accessible for all to enter.

·         Entry details are via an online form which is hyperlinked in the document.


Entries mean prizes! There will be a weekly leader board published by us and Active Derbyshire on the district and county winners. The school with the highest amount of entries, based on % of pupils on roll, will win.


There will be downloadable certificates for all entrants and a prize draw after the last week for those pupils who have entered 100% of the virtual competitions.


There are ten weeks of sports in total.


This will be our main focus during the lockdown so please do what you can to support and make sure we put Bolsover and Westhouses on the map! 


If you take part please send us some photos, and more importantly, enter your ideas into the competition. Your entries mean you could get prizes for yourself and for school - win win!