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We have created a range of videos to help you support your child at home! They all show the different methods we use to teach Maths calculations and Phonics at Westhouses Primary School. Use the link below to access them.

Welcome to Explorers 

Our class is made up of Reception, Year One and Year Two children.

Our class teacher is called Miss Russell.
We also have Mrs Salt and Mrs Tucker in our class.
This year we have a student teacher called Miss Chambers.


Autumn 1 2018 - Moon Zoom

CRASH!  What is that in the playground?  Let's go outside and take a look.  Stand back everyone - it looks like a UFO has crash landed!


PE Yoga, Fundamental skills
Art & Design Models of the Solar System.
Computing Algorithms (using Beebots)


Creation stories
History & Georgraphy Satellite images. Significant people - Astronauts. Changes within living memory.
Music Space sounds. Space themed songs.
PSHE Being me in my world.
Science Properties of everyday materials. Working Scientifically.


PE is on Monday and Thurday.

Homework is spellings and Maths for Year 1 and 2. Phonic sounds for Reception. 

Homework is due in on THURSDAY and given out on Friday.

Explorers have been learning all about Festivals, check out our displays below!

Explorers have been learning all about Festivals, check out our displays below!  1
Explorers have been learning all about Festivals, check out our displays below!  2
Explorers have been learning all about Festivals, check out our displays below!  3

Crash landing!

Still image for this video
Today there had been a crash in our playground!
We think aliens have landed!

Snow day fun!

Snow day fun!  1
Snow day fun!  2
Snow day fun!  3
Snow day fun!  4
Snow day fun!  5
Snow day fun!  6
Snow day fun!  7

Yoga bugs!

Yoga bugs!  1
Yoga bugs!  2
Yoga bugs!  3

Cleethorpes Seaside Trip

Beachcombers Topic Travellers Projects

Making Beach Buses in D&T



  Morning Afternoon Things to remember




PE - Yoga

Guided Reading

Indoor PE kit




Topic work

Guided Reading










PE - Outside

Guided reading

Hand homework in.

Warm PE kit in school.


Phonics - Spelling test



Topic work
Guided Reading

Homework is sent home





 Your child will get 3 pieces of homework a week or term where relevant.  They will have:  

  1. ‘Topic Travellers’ project work which is to be carried out over the duration of half a term and completed in their project book.
  2. Weekly spellings to learn.  These will go out on a Friday in their homework book and they will have a test the following Friday. 
  3. Your child may also have a piece of Numeracy homework where relevant.  This will be completed in their separate homework book (NOT the ‘Topic Travellers’ book) and will be sent on a Monday and collected on a Friday. 


Reading will be done through guided group sessions or one to one with your child in school.  However, it would be really beneficial if you could hear your child read on a daily basis at home.  If you do it would be helpful if you make a brief note in their home/school diary that you have done so. Children will receive up to 3 merits a week based on how much they have read at home.



Your child's book is changed if the reading diary is filled in by a parent/carer and placed with their reading book in the red tray in the classroom.  


Sharing a book with your child helps to promote reading and develop their skills and enjoyment of the written word. The comment in the reading diary might be about their enjoyment of the book, their view on one of the characters or the plot.  It might also be about their understanding, a new word that they have learnt or highlight a particular sound that they are finding difficult.


Here are some questions that might help:

1 - Look at the front cover and title. What do you think the book will be about?

2 - What do you think will happen in the story? Why do you think that?

3 - What has happened so far?

4 - What do you think might happen next?

5 - Can you tell me the story in your own words? (After finishing the book)

6 - Who was your favourite character and why?

7 - Where was the story set?

8 - What words didn't you know the meaning of? Look them up in a dictionary, discuss them or use the sentence to have a guess - does that make sense?

9 - Is this story like any other that you have read?

10 - What was the best part of the story? Why?


Reading is beyond sounding out the words.  Children often need to read their book two or three times to build up the fluency or to change their voices for the different characters.  It is also important that children build up their recall, so they can re tell the story and remember all of the key parts. 


Having a story at bedtime can be very calming and relaxing and also easily built into a good bedtime routine.



We worked hard designing and making a simple rocket.

An alien spacecraft has crash landed in the field and we are exploring how to make a light turn on and off so they know where we are.

Land Ahoy Topic Travellers.

A Surprise Visitor to Westhouses Primary School

Dogs Trust came to visit Class 1. Sarah taught us all about how to care for dogs and be safe around them.

We have had a great Spring term getting creative.

Thank you to everyone who came to the 'Stay and Play' session, we had a great time and hope you did too.

Stay and Play 11th February 2016.

Class 1 would like to say a huge thank you to the Friends of Westhouses for their support in purchasing 8 stands for the Reception area.  These have already been an invaluable resource. 

We would also like to thank Kaydor signs Ltd for their design.

Please find a links to the Friends of Westhouses and Kaydor Signs Ltd below.

The artist 'Mr Coley' came to support us drawing our favourite book characters. He is going to make a mural using all our pictures.

David Woolley and Maitre ‘Samsou’ Camara from Joliba West African Drum and Dance Workshop came to Class 1. We had an amazing time and even performed to our parents at the end of the day.