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Afternoon Challenges

History - this week we are exploring Ancient Egyptian medicine. They learnt lots about the body from learning how to embalm their dead. Complete these tasks to review and find out more about mummification!

Science - this week we explored characteristics of animals further. Have a go at finding out what the living things are in these flow charts.

DT - we have been exploring different foods, focusing on pasties. Now find out how far some of the food in your house has travelled - this is called 'food miles' Whose food has travelled the furthest in Trailblazers?

French - we have been exploring routines in French. Now have a go at challenging yourself to think about our routines at school, using the PowerPoint and information below.

RE - this week we are exploring Mosques in more detail. Use what we have learnt in the lesson and the information in the PowerPoint to design your own Mosque. Label it and explain your choices clearly.